Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

First of all, I didn't take any pictures this weekend.... NONE whatsoever.....
Friday: Rhett and I headed to Cody & Victoria's house (Cody teaches with me at school, 8th grade History) and we went over to their house and grilled out and played UNO!!!! UNO definately has to be the best card game, ever! Especially when you DOMINATE, oh yes, that's what I did. We ended the night piled up on the couch watching Waterboy.
Here is Cody & Victoria, aren't they the cutest?

Saturday: I worked at The Willow Tree, search for it on Facebook....we have the cutest clothing for Spring... as you all know I have spring fever.... After work, I went to Gadsden and purchased me some new Spring items for the house. I had to make a Hobby Lobby trip , of course.

This hoot owl now has a home in my living room. Find it here!

I finally found an owl lamp for my classroom. My students are going to be excited, because I have been desperate, so desperate to ask my students to be on the lookout for an owl lamp. Find it here!

After leaving town, I ate a good home-cooked meal with my parents. I spent a couple of hours with them, laughing, catching up on news, and listening to my dad's story about our cat thats gone missing.

Sunday: Church, Walmart, church tonight.
Voted on a preacher tonight, please send up some prayers that Friendship Baptist Church will find the right man of God to be our pastor.

Hope you all have a super duper fabulous week!!!!!!!
I think this may call for a give-a-way!
What do ya think????


  1. Love that owl from Hobby Lobby! And congrats on 50 followers!

  2. Yay on 50. Sounds like a good weekend. Can't wait until I get to 50!:) how exciting

  3. I love good weekends like this! And cute blog, lady!

  4. COngrats on 50 :) I am loving your blog and glad I found you! Precious layout! And Hobby Lobby has some great finds, I try to give myself a time limit when I go in there.

  5. I love Uno!! My family gets pretty competitive with it though haha

  6. Family time is the best time and who doesn't love a good game of uno?

    follow each other?

  7. UNO never goes out of style! EVER! :)

    For a split second I thought your friends were y'all, and then I double looked! Y'all favor!

    Happy Friday, Jess!