Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy EARLY Valentine's Day!

This will be our FIRST Valentine's Day as a married couple! Yippppppie, another FIRST!!!!

This week is my birthday week(whoop-whoop), plus federal monitoring at school... which means... stress, stress, stress!
(please send up some prayers for my school and I this week, thank you)

Therefore, I will be spending most days getting prepared for interview, cleaning, and paperwork....
So Valentine's Day, Rhett & I got asked to watch Rhett's precious little cousin, Sadie. I will pick her up from day care and carry her home with me. However, Rhett and I will spend our FIRST Valentine's Day together, and that is what matters. We will eat dinner at home and cuddle up to a good RedBox movie. I am hoping to find something crafty to make for Valentine's Day... Maybe Sadie and I can make a delicious dinner for Rhett.

Any ideas? Since I'm not the expert chef in the kitchen, I would like something easy but good.

Wednesday, is the BIG day... that is when the State Board (important) people will be in the school observing and interviewing. I hope I will be able to blog that night, but pardon me if I don't make my weekly blog due to stress.

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day! If you have that special someone, give them all the loving you can.

Words of Wisdom I heard tonight at our church Valentine's banquet, just something I thought I would share with you all..... If the husband wants to be the king, better treat your wife like a queen.

 Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Y'all are so cute! Don't stress everything has a way of working itself out! Good luck & happy valentines day!!:)

  2. I love your church's words of wisdom - so true!