Sunday, February 19, 2012

birthday fun & puppy love

Friday night, Rhett & I went out to eat with my family for my BIRTHDAY dinner. We had a delicious dinner at Red Lobster. We went back to my parents house for cake & ice cream, yummmmm.
A big THANKS to Rhett's cousin, Sabrina, for making my lovely birthday cake. She makes the best, I promise, promise!!!!!!

My sister is in nursing school and her teacher suggested the students to watch Contiguous; however, I fell asleep while watching it. too much about diseases...not a big fan. I enjoyed spending time with my fabulous family. I sure do miss them... being 35 minutes away isn't that far but still... it is! Of course, the mother had to get the traditional cake and birthday girl picture! ha,ha.

My wonderful family, whom I love so so so much!

Saturday night, Rhett and I went to dinner with our friends, Ross & Erin. We went to Blue Fin, in Rome. Their sushi is by far the BEST!!!! We came back to our house and watched a movie. I'm thankful we have friends like Ross and Erin. We even jammed out to our choir special on the way home from dinner, and for them to listen to this lovely voice (NOT) is what you call TRUE friends! We love you Ross and Erin!!!!!

okay, okay......

pictures of our PUPPIES are finally here......
They are currently residing at Rhett's parents house, in the garage. It's very warm and cozy in there.
They are getting so big, and I apologize for not posting more pictures of the pups.
Aren't they the cutest?

Precious little black pup...

The brindle puppy!

It took some serious talent to get the pups lined up for a picture.
These are AKC registered Boxer puppies, if interested let me know.

Pumped, pumped, pumped about President's day tomorrow, which means no work for Jessica!!!!! whoo-hoo.... I am going to visit Rhett at his school in Gadsden. I am excited to meet his students, hoping they will be exited to meet me, as well.

Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend!


  1. your cake looks delicious! & what cute puppies!

    hope your birthday was wonderful :)

  2. Oh my word!! Look at those adorable puppies! I want them all, please!!!!

  3. those puppies?!?! omg. i die.

    happy birthday!!!

  4. those puppies are absolutely adorable!! so so cute!! love your blog.