Friday, March 2, 2012

Fill In the Blank Friday

 Happy Friday!!!!!
Whoo-hoo, it's the weekend.
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1. The highlight of my week was  wearing flip-flops to school, since all this horrible weather is headed towards Alabama, it has created very warm 75-80 degree weather for us! Flip flop weather, I'm all in!!!!
2.   If I had to classify my interior design aesthetic it would be very neutral, mixed with a bit of rustic,but also simplicity!
3.  My first vehicle was  a 2002 white, Toyota Celica. I got the car when I was 15, it was my baby. I would probably still be driving it if it didn't fall apart on me. After my first fender bender, all my electronics went haywire. Overall, such a great car!

4. An item I need to have in my day in order to function is my cellular device and a Sprite. I do everything on my cell phone, check facebook, twitter, pinterest, weather...and Sprite is my "go to" drink about 130ish in the afternoon.

5. My favorite way to waste time is shopping online anywhere and everywhere and pinning new things and finding new ideas on Pinterest.

6. Right now I could really go for  a massage, after these last few days at school my body needs one.
7.  This weekend I will be BUSYYYYYY! Tonight we are staying in, due to bad weather headed our way. Keep Alabama in your prayers tonight. Saturday, my mom, sister, and I will head to Trussville to do some shopping and spending quality time with each other. Sunday, a co-worker, Anna, and I will head to Cotton Tails in Birmingham. Hopefully we will find lots of new Spring items for our classrooms and house.


  1. im in georgia and we are having warm weather here too! i broke out the sandals yesterday. :)

    hope you have a good, safe weekend!!

  2. Girl, I am LOVING the warm weather (I'm in Tennessee)! Yay for flip-flops! Hope you get that massage soon! My favorite are hot stone massages- if you haven't tried one, spend the extra money (they are life-changing) :o)

  3. Your blog is really cute! I look forward to reading more of your posts. Looks like you deserve a massage!

  4. I am loving wearing my flip flops too!!