Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

First of all, I didn't take any pictures this weekend.... NONE whatsoever.....
Friday: Rhett and I headed to Cody & Victoria's house (Cody teaches with me at school, 8th grade History) and we went over to their house and grilled out and played UNO!!!! UNO definately has to be the best card game, ever! Especially when you DOMINATE, oh yes, that's what I did. We ended the night piled up on the couch watching Waterboy.
Here is Cody & Victoria, aren't they the cutest?

Saturday: I worked at The Willow Tree, search for it on Facebook....we have the cutest clothing for Spring... as you all know I have spring fever.... After work, I went to Gadsden and purchased me some new Spring items for the house. I had to make a Hobby Lobby trip , of course.

This hoot owl now has a home in my living room. Find it here!

I finally found an owl lamp for my classroom. My students are going to be excited, because I have been desperate, so desperate to ask my students to be on the lookout for an owl lamp. Find it here!

After leaving town, I ate a good home-cooked meal with my parents. I spent a couple of hours with them, laughing, catching up on news, and listening to my dad's story about our cat thats gone missing.

Sunday: Church, Walmart, church tonight.
Voted on a preacher tonight, please send up some prayers that Friendship Baptist Church will find the right man of God to be our pastor.

Hope you all have a super duper fabulous week!!!!!!!
I think this may call for a give-a-way!
What do ya think????

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving this four day work week..... We were out Monday to celebrate President's Day!

I'm Loving my new exercise apparel that I got for my birthday.

I'm Loving the fact baseball season has began, ahhhh, I love love baseball season!
I'm Loving my Pinterest finds today.
I am totally trying these out, never thought about this before.

pink+green lilly=happiness

new pink shade for spring, can you hence the spring fever i have?

I'm Loving my Emi Jays. They are perfect for my hair its a wee bit healthier for your hair, doesn't pull your hair out, nor leaves a crease in it.

I'm Loving our choir special song for this Sunday.

I'm Loving Friendship Baptist Church kiddos, whom I did the lesson with tonight. It's rare these days to have small children attend Wednesday night church service.
I'm Loving the movie, Courageous. I started it last Friday after our science experiment with my classes. They loved it!!!!!

I'm Loving our weekend plans, grilling out with friends & UNO night.... we have such great friends!
I'm Loving the fact that I am not planning a wedding.... because this time last year, my life was consumed with wedding ideas and things to finish... don't get me wrong I loved every bit of it, but whew! Overwhelming, yes!

I'm Loving my Victoria Secret catalog that came in the mail, with all the NEW swim attire. Saving now, for at least two swimsuits this year. I have already picked out several, there all fabulous!

I'm Loving the fact that Rhett and I have read our Bible together every night this week, which doesn't happen that often because of our schedule. Thankful to say the least!

I'm Loving this quote!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

birthday fun & puppy love

Friday night, Rhett & I went out to eat with my family for my BIRTHDAY dinner. We had a delicious dinner at Red Lobster. We went back to my parents house for cake & ice cream, yummmmm.
A big THANKS to Rhett's cousin, Sabrina, for making my lovely birthday cake. She makes the best, I promise, promise!!!!!!

My sister is in nursing school and her teacher suggested the students to watch Contiguous; however, I fell asleep while watching it. too much about diseases...not a big fan. I enjoyed spending time with my fabulous family. I sure do miss them... being 35 minutes away isn't that far but still... it is! Of course, the mother had to get the traditional cake and birthday girl picture! ha,ha.

My wonderful family, whom I love so so so much!

Saturday night, Rhett and I went to dinner with our friends, Ross & Erin. We went to Blue Fin, in Rome. Their sushi is by far the BEST!!!! We came back to our house and watched a movie. I'm thankful we have friends like Ross and Erin. We even jammed out to our choir special on the way home from dinner, and for them to listen to this lovely voice (NOT) is what you call TRUE friends! We love you Ross and Erin!!!!!

okay, okay......

pictures of our PUPPIES are finally here......
They are currently residing at Rhett's parents house, in the garage. It's very warm and cozy in there.
They are getting so big, and I apologize for not posting more pictures of the pups.
Aren't they the cutest?

Precious little black pup...

The brindle puppy!

It took some serious talent to get the pups lined up for a picture.
These are AKC registered Boxer puppies, if interested let me know.

Pumped, pumped, pumped about President's day tomorrow, which means no work for Jessica!!!!! whoo-hoo.... I am going to visit Rhett at his school in Gadsden. I am excited to meet his students, hoping they will be exited to meet me, as well.

Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I'm Loving About Wednesday

Loving my new Miss Me, owl shirt... because I'm owl-obsessed!
Loving that my Science experiment went well this week!
Loving the fact, today is over with... Federal Monitoring... see ya.

Loving my Valentine's gifts from my wonderful husband!!!!

Loving the fact my BIRTHDAY is in 1 day!!!!!
Loving my wonderful husband, who fixed our valentine's dinner last night... which was amazing!

Loving my birthday present from my parents, Nike Free running shoes!

Loving some Dave!
Loving that the Nashville 5K is soon approaching.

Loving this outfit, wishing I could wear it NOW!

Loving my new bottle of baby lotion, I use this every night before bed. I wake up, baby fresh!!!!
Loving our plans for the weekend with my birthday dinner, Friday night, and date night with our friends for sushi, Saturday night!

Loving the call I recieved this week from my Mom, we will be headed to Miami Beach this summer. Can you say pumped?
Loving the fact I can sleep in, AGAIN this weekend!!!!

Loving my favorite bible verse! Thankful I can always rely on this to get me through tough times and situations. Thank you, Lord!
Loving our precious puppies who are growing up too fast, still no pictures!

Loving this science experiment on air pressure and force that my class will be doing this Friday.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy EARLY Valentine's Day!

This will be our FIRST Valentine's Day as a married couple! Yippppppie, another FIRST!!!!

This week is my birthday week(whoop-whoop), plus federal monitoring at school... which means... stress, stress, stress!
(please send up some prayers for my school and I this week, thank you)

Therefore, I will be spending most days getting prepared for interview, cleaning, and paperwork....
So Valentine's Day, Rhett & I got asked to watch Rhett's precious little cousin, Sadie. I will pick her up from day care and carry her home with me. However, Rhett and I will spend our FIRST Valentine's Day together, and that is what matters. We will eat dinner at home and cuddle up to a good RedBox movie. I am hoping to find something crafty to make for Valentine's Day... Maybe Sadie and I can make a delicious dinner for Rhett.

Any ideas? Since I'm not the expert chef in the kitchen, I would like something easy but good.

Wednesday, is the BIG day... that is when the State Board (important) people will be in the school observing and interviewing. I hope I will be able to blog that night, but pardon me if I don't make my weekly blog due to stress.

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day! If you have that special someone, give them all the loving you can.

Words of Wisdom I heard tonight at our church Valentine's banquet, just something I thought I would share with you all..... If the husband wants to be the king, better treat your wife like a queen.

 Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

face-lift & the weekend

HALLELUJAH, my blog has finally received a face-lift!
Thanks to the wonderful Miss Lauren at Blue Lux Studios. I love it!!! She did an amazing job, the colors and even my new blog title.. it's so us. I'm hoping this will be more motivation for me to blog, especially now since basketball is over! Whoo-hoo!!!!

Rhett & I enjoyed the last basketball game last night. CCHS girls and boys played a great game, it was a bittersweet ending. Hugging my senior cheerleaders as they put on their CCHS cheer alumni shirts made me remember those wonderful high school days, but also realizing how old I was. It didn't seem that long ago since I was sitting in the stands cheering on Hokes Bluff Eagles. (those were the good ole' days)
After the game we went to Yamotoes for sushi, it was delicious!

Today I am off work and my main objective for today is to relax and enjoy being home. I have cleaned house already, fixing to hit that huge pile of laundry, and come up with questions for the newlywed game for our church Valentine's Banquet tomorrow night, and Rhett and I will head out this afternoon to watch our good friends son, play basketball, then off to the gym we will go. Sounds like a good day to me.

Oh yeah,  I am wanting to go see, The Vow, but unsure about it. I was looking on facebook last night, of course, and I read good comments & bad ones. Rhett is the type not to spend the money on a chick flick if it isn't good. I am trying to convince him that it is worth it... but I need your input. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


This weekend was one of best friends 23rd birthday!
I would like to wish Paris a fabulous birthday!!!!

I have known this beautiful lady for almost 23 years.... her mother & mine had met in college and decided to get pregnant at the same time when they got married. Well who would've ever thought that it would really happen???? It did!
Paris and I are best friends, I mean literally, she was my Mary-Kate & I was her, Ashley! (no lie, this is true) We celebrated every holiday together, had some super duper New Years Eve together... we loved the drink, Surge... we drank so much of it, I believe we both got in trouble for being so hyper! We went on vacation every summer together, until we got in high school then our lives were both consumed with way too many things. Paris went to Glencoe High School, which is my school (Hokes Bluff) arch enemy. It was so much fun having a best friend at the other school... I mean using her t-shirts and cheer uniforms when we play their school, as tacky clothing... haha! Isn't it great, who would've thought after all those times we have had with each other that we would still be best friends! After 22 years, I got engaged and Paris was the first person, besides my sister, to ask to be in my wedding. I am glad  Paris accepted. I can't wait to look back on my wedding pictures in years to come with Paris to see how much we have changed. I wish I had my old pictures of us from back in the day to post on here.... maybe I'll get them from my mom and post on here at a later date. I do know ONE thing....I know that if I ever, EVER, need anything, who to call... PARIS NICOLE!!!! I love you, Paris! I hope we will have kiddos around the same time, just like our parents did with us. Happy HAPPY Birthday, Paris! I will see you next week to celebrate our birthdays!
Paris & I at my lingerie party

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I Am Loving About Wednesday

I am LOVING this outfit with the pop of green! This is something I could teach in and wear it out on the weekends!

I am LOVING that my birthday is 15 days away! Whoo-hoo, 2-3 here I come!
I am LOVING the fact that tomorrow is the LAST basketball game this season....yippie dog!!!!!

I am LOVING my first pair of denim capris in 2 years. I am not a big fan of them, but found this pair and love them!

I am LOVING my new color on my nails this week, reminding me that February is finally here! 
I am LOVING that fact that I have already been to the gym 3 times this week and it is only Wednesday!
I am LOVING our new 7 boxer puppies that we're born last week, they are precious. I haven't had a chance to take pictures, no worries... I will this weekend!

I am LOVING water!!!! I have drank nothing but water for the past month and I feel great! (which means no 1pm Dr. Pepper kicks anymore, yay) 

I am LOVING my new motivation calendar, FAB AB FEBRUARY!
I am LOVING how all my kiddos know my love towards owsl and owl decor' (even received an owl picture this week)

I am LOVING this quote of motivation towards fitness plus a busy schedule (because that certainly is my lifestyle).

Have a FABULOUS Wednesday!