Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I'm Loving About Wednesday

Loving my new Miss Me, owl shirt... because I'm owl-obsessed!
Loving that my Science experiment went well this week!
Loving the fact, today is over with... Federal Monitoring... see ya.

Loving my Valentine's gifts from my wonderful husband!!!!

Loving the fact my BIRTHDAY is in 1 day!!!!!
Loving my wonderful husband, who fixed our valentine's dinner last night... which was amazing!

Loving my birthday present from my parents, Nike Free running shoes!

Loving some Dave!
Loving that the Nashville 5K is soon approaching.

Loving this outfit, wishing I could wear it NOW!

Loving my new bottle of baby lotion, I use this every night before bed. I wake up, baby fresh!!!!
Loving our plans for the weekend with my birthday dinner, Friday night, and date night with our friends for sushi, Saturday night!

Loving the call I recieved this week from my Mom, we will be headed to Miami Beach this summer. Can you say pumped?
Loving the fact I can sleep in, AGAIN this weekend!!!!

Loving my favorite bible verse! Thankful I can always rely on this to get me through tough times and situations. Thank you, Lord!
Loving our precious puppies who are growing up too fast, still no pictures!

Loving this science experiment on air pressure and force that my class will be doing this Friday.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!!


  1. Love that owl shirt! Hope you have a fab birthday!!

  2. I love love love that owl shirt! Happy Birthday!

  3. i adore those nikes! and that outfit... hot pink with leopard? yes, please.