Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter & 2 days!

Weekend RECAP:
Easter weekend was filled with fun! 
Friday, I substituted for my sister's boyfriend mother. Then I hurried to Rhett's house and met his sister and mother and went to my Lingerie Shower in Hokes Bluff. It was super fun and I can't wait till my Bachlorette Weekend.  
 My cake,  Rhett's Aunt Mary made. This looked like my shower invitation.
 Anna and I 
Rhett's mother and my sweet mother
Heather, my soon to be sister-in-law :)
 Anna, she was a beautiful toilet paper bride
Anna, my sister, as a beautiful toilet paper bride 
 My lovely group of friends that came to my Lingerie Shower, thank you all very much!

Saturday, I spent my day working up at our house....YES, I WORKED! We are finished with ALL the floors and now just waiting on the counter tops to come in. After that I can move all my new Bridal Tea gifts into the cabinets. I can not wait to do some DEEP cleaning, all the dirt and windows are killing me. Hopefully this weekend I can get some cleaning done. 
Sunday, EASTER! We had a FABULOUS church service. The youth group did an amazing drama about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  After church, we have a very traditional meal at my grandparents house and took lots of Easter pictures. 
 My LAST Easter, as a "Pope"
Rhett and I 
This is the HUGE Oak tree I use to want to get married under, but now that I've met Rhett we decided to choose his land to get married on, but I just love this tree!
GRADUATION is in 2 days!

I can not believe it is here. Bittersweet feeling I must say.......

For the past three days, my fellow Jacksonville State Elementary Education friends and I have been completing ARI (Alabama Reading Initiative) training. It has been super fun and I can not wait to go out and apply all these new strategies and ways to teach Reading effectively to students. Well guess what....Friday is the BIG day, I will be closing a one door and opening a new one come 6pm, Friday night. I have met such wonderful people while attending Jacksonville State University and have made so MANY memories. I can not wait to see what the future holds for my friends and I. I want to say a special thanks to Jacksonville State for the wonderful teachers you employ for Elementary Education classes.

Whitney, Ashley, ME, and Anna (I met these wonderful young ladies at JSU and now I consider them my BEST friends.)

Devan and I, we graduated high school together and now JSU.

Check out all the Elementary, Early Childhood, and Special Education interns for this Spring

Happy Early Graduation Girls & Guys!!!! See you Friday:)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pictures are IN!

Today I received an e-mail from my wedding photographer and she has completed the DVD with our engagement pictures on it. I was very pleased with it.... check it out!

Let me know what you think.
Have a great night!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Update: Walker House

I apologize for not updating as much as I would like to. I have been WAYYYY behind on updating on our house. Check it out:

All the walls are up!

My hard working hubby-to-be

We painted the living room, kitchen, and bathroom Olive Branch Green from Benjamin Moore

Our bedroom and closet is painted Driftwood from Benjamin Moore

During the cold, this wonderful heater kept us warm so we could still work.

Rhett laying the first piece of hardwood.

Our door still needs to be stained but check out the hardwood.

The first coat of stain is on...

Close up of the color

This is only half of what I got at my Bridal Tea.

The refrigerator

Still needs the countertop

The doors

The ceiling fan in the living room

Our bedroom and the tile, Rhett still has to finish it... I love the tile!

The entrance into the bathroom

The lights that will be above mirrors and a vanity

The shower/toilet area... still unfinished

The tile that goes into our closet. Rhett did a wonderful job on it.

Rhett appling the second coat of stain on the front door. I will post more pictures soon.

The wedding is a little over a month away. I can not believe it....

The End, Internship.

 Friday, April 15th was my LAST day at Cedar Bluff School. Yes! I can not believe it is already here... very much, bittersweet.

The night before I made homemade cards, Easter cupcakes, a homemade cookie cake and bought chips, dip, and drinks for a surprise party for the kiddos. Friday morning, I came to school with all the kids already loving on me, making such sweet comments, and I had over a hundred notebook paper cards from the kiddos. After lunch, the weather got bad. The school system had dismissed school at 12:30. This meant the surprise party was going to be ASAP! I took them to the restroom after lunch and when I got back into the room my cooperating teacher, Mrs. Burgess,  had set up balloons, two huge cookie cakes and lots of goodies for me. I was surprised! I had no clue they were going to do something for me. I went into tears.... I was surprised. The kids had made me a painted flower pot and on the sides were their fingerprints that were made into butterflies and other insects with their name beside their personal fingerprint. The pot was stuffed with abundant of school supplies.... I was overjoyed. All the kids wanted me to open and read every card right then but due to school being dismissed soon, I had to hand out their surprises from Miss Pope. I made them a postcard with a picture on it ending with a sweet thank you. I wrote a personal letter to each of them pointing out something specific I liked and thought about them and I thanked them for being a super student teaching class. I also gave them a personalized pencil because they are constantly losing their pencil. I put all this in an envelope and gave it to them. They loved it. I thought I should have just made goodie bags but that is just "junkie" candy and so I thought a picture would always be a good memory gift to have. As soon as school was dismissed all the students came to me with hugs, hugs, and more hugs. I have had a great internship at Cedar Bluff School and I look forward to being back there soon.

This was the picture I printed out for each student.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Birthday, Pictures, and 5K

I have A LOT to catch you up on.....

March 30th was my dear mother's birthday. Due to the fact that my sister and I are both in school we celebrated her birthday the night before. We took her to the new Japanese Steakhouse in town, KOBE. It was wonderful! Mom got birthday presents from all the family members but I decided to wait till the next day, her actual birthday. She is the first person to wake up every morning; therefore, I left her present in front of her make up mirror.
I am BLESSED to have her as my mother. She has done a marvelous job raising Anna and I (or at least I think so...) She is the person who I know that loves me no matter what the circumstances are. I know that she prays for me, my life, and my future. I am very thankful for my dear sweet mother!

Engagement Pictures: YAYYYY!!!!! We finally got this marked off the "TO DO" list. After four months of re-scheduling...I was excited to get to have them made. We are using Kristi Chappell from Gadsden, Alabama. I can't wait to see them because the scenery was beautiful. I will post them as soon as we get them back.

Tomorrow I will be running in my FIRST 5K. It will be held in Gadsden, Alabama..downtown and we will be starting at the YMCA so come out and join me. On the other hand, I really hope I don't pass out during this run. This run is to raise money for a school in Gadsden, Emma Samson Middle. My mom, sister, and I will be the way, I still haven't found those "perfect" running shoes I have been looking for. If you know of any excellent well-known running shoes please please please let me know. Wish us ALL luck. Think of all us runners tomorrow morning send up a special prayer of safety.

Happy Friday Everyone!