Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Down to 3 Days

I have been super busy with all the last minute "stuff" to do for the wedding. I can not believe our wedding is here...this SATURDAY! I am looking forward to this wonderful day. I have been, along with many others...praying for no rain, since it is an outdoor wedding...please send up a special little prayer for us.  My future mother-in-law has been working non stop, bless her heart. Since we are having the wedding at her house, they have planted more flowers, grass-seed, pressure washed the house ,re-painted, weed-eated the yard numerous times, mowed the yard, and much much more. I am blessed to have her and Mr. Larry as my soon-to-be in-laws they have worked hard to make this wedding beautiful. My mom, dad, and sister have been on the other end of things. Mom has been running her self to death with food preperation, decorations, and making sure everyone who is suppose to help is coming. Dad, has been the one having to run all the errands while still making time for a golf game with his buds. My sister, has been my personal slave, for the last month. I have told her over and over again.... I will do the same for you plus more when you get married. My family from out of town came in this past Saturday and they have been helping tremendously. I am absolutely blessed to have such a wonderful family who is willing to go an EXTRA mile to make this wedding day perfect for the both of us. I will post lots and lots of pictures once I get back from our honeymoon and cheerleading camp. Prepare yourself.....

ANTIGUA here we come! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

all at once.

Everything is happening so FAST! I can not believe my wedding will be here in 17 days....I will officially be Mrs. Walker.

This weekend, Bachlorette Party in Panama City Beach. There are 7 girls who are attending this special weekend with me...and we will definitely make a weekend to remember! We are leaving Friday morning and will be coming home Sunday afternoon. I am ready for a weekend getaway. It is definitely needed.

This past week, a couple close friends and I have been working on my programs. They are almost completed. I will work on the last few tomorrow morning. All I have MAJOR left to finish is the slide show presentation for the rehearsal dinner. I want to thank everyone who has helped and I am blessed to have so many people who care and love Rhett and I to help out with the wedding projects.

Update on job hunting....I have been substituting EVERYDAY, which is a blessing in itself. I know my Heavenly Father has a special plan for me and I am looking forward for the reveal. I am job hunting next week. I have taken some days away from subbing to search for ...the big "J" word. *Wish me luck*

I am hoping to update with pictures from the house, which looks amazing, as soon as I get back from the beach. Hang in there...I promise. 

I have been coaching the Cherokee County Varsity cheerleaders... we are working our tails off to prepare for camp, which is two days after I come back from the Honeymoon....yes, I will be headed to the beach again for camp with the girls.... Rhett and I have been staying SUPER busy with everything, I think we are both ready for Antigua.  Just keep us and our families in your prayers.

Have A Terrific  Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


25 days till the BIG day!

I can't believe, it will be here before I realize it.... 

Everything is coming together, thankfully. I am getting extremely excited about it. I have been working up at the house to make sure all the dishes and appliances and decorations are placed. We still have to get our bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and dining room table in the house.  The bathroom will be finished this week, I hope!
My dear, hubby-to-be, will be venturing off this weekend for a young adult retreat. I am glad he is participating in it. He needs a break from working 24/7, literally! I will admit it, I was a little upset when he told me that he will not be in town for three response was.... we have to have a house by MAY 28th, Rhett!!! His response, Jessica...everything will come together, you know that... which I do but I feel that it has to be right then.
Rhett completed my wood signs for the direction arrows last night. I still have to paint "Walker Wedding" on them. We still have to build the arbor, dance floor, and piano stand...but we will get it completed!
My Bridesmaids gifts came in today.... I can't wait to give them to my special young ladies....

I have moved the majority of my things to the house, this also gets me way too excited..haha! Rhett laughs at me...he keeps telling me, if I bring anything else we are going to have to add on an addition.

I was just going to give a brief update... I am currently working on our slide show for our rehearsal dinner. I better get that tough booger out of the way.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!