Sunday, February 5, 2012


This weekend was one of best friends 23rd birthday!
I would like to wish Paris a fabulous birthday!!!!

I have known this beautiful lady for almost 23 years.... her mother & mine had met in college and decided to get pregnant at the same time when they got married. Well who would've ever thought that it would really happen???? It did!
Paris and I are best friends, I mean literally, she was my Mary-Kate & I was her, Ashley! (no lie, this is true) We celebrated every holiday together, had some super duper New Years Eve together... we loved the drink, Surge... we drank so much of it, I believe we both got in trouble for being so hyper! We went on vacation every summer together, until we got in high school then our lives were both consumed with way too many things. Paris went to Glencoe High School, which is my school (Hokes Bluff) arch enemy. It was so much fun having a best friend at the other school... I mean using her t-shirts and cheer uniforms when we play their school, as tacky clothing... haha! Isn't it great, who would've thought after all those times we have had with each other that we would still be best friends! After 22 years, I got engaged and Paris was the first person, besides my sister, to ask to be in my wedding. I am glad  Paris accepted. I can't wait to look back on my wedding pictures in years to come with Paris to see how much we have changed. I wish I had my old pictures of us from back in the day to post on here.... maybe I'll get them from my mom and post on here at a later date. I do know ONE thing....I know that if I ever, EVER, need anything, who to call... PARIS NICOLE!!!! I love you, Paris! I hope we will have kiddos around the same time, just like our parents did with us. Happy HAPPY Birthday, Paris! I will see you next week to celebrate our birthdays!
Paris & I at my lingerie party

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  1. That is so neat! Happy birthday to Paris & to you next week! :)