Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dancing the Night Away

My precious bridesmaids helping me with my dress to dance the night away.
Rhett's cake, Aunt Mary surprised him with his John Deere mower on top, this is so Rhett.
My sweet best friend, from high school, Blake and his fiance', Leah. I am so glad you both came.

Wedding cake, I think Aunt Mary did a fabulous job.... don't you?

the toast

First dance, "We are Man & Wife" by Michelle Featherstone

The traditional "dip" and sealed with a kiss. Btw, Rhett made the dance floor...notice the "W"

Father/Daughter dance.... this was so much fun. Back in the beginning I had asked my Dad what he wanted to dance to at my wedding and Dad being Dad, stated, "Black Water" by the Doobie Brothers. Why he would state that???? Well growing up, Dad is a classic rock man... and my sister and I knew most of the classic rock songs, and we feel in love with this song and after school when Dad would pick us up we would beg him to play, "Black Water". I told Dad that we could never dance to that we needed a more traditional song, therefore, Dad said I could pick out the music. Well, I got fed up with picking the PERFECT song and anyways, I told Dad as we were walking down the aisle....that we were dancing to "Black Water" and I knew his eyes and tears gradually increased as did mine. Anyways, we had the time of our life dancing to this song, a special song with a special meaning behind it.

Gettin' down.
Mother/Son dance....

THE SURPRISE DANCE.... the whole wedding party learned it and performed it. My friend, Haleigh, and I created this dance, videoed on Flipvideo and youtube it to all the wedding party. I will post a video of the dance later. We had a blast.... and Rhett isn't the dancing type and he did it.

the FREE style part
The brides "special"

Rhett insited on chest bumping.


Heather, Rhett's sister, dancing with us. I love this face of hers!!!!

My sweet precious parents who made this wedding, my DREAM wedding.
Neena and Papa dancing, isn't this the sweetest. Neena, I wish you were here to watch this on tape.... You would see how wild you were dancing on the dance-floor :)

Skylar and Daniel, haha... having fun!

I just love this picture with everyone on the dance floor.

Papa and his girls

off goes the garter....oh lala!

The lucky winner, Peanut... guess you're next!

the toss (check out that leap of my sisters) haha



air guitar with peanut

The man who made it all happen, my sweet Dale! Thank you for coming down and working your booty off to make my wedding fabulous and fun! We love you.  (Dale and his sister)

We go off with a BANG!

Surprise dance video: the dance

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mrs. Walker's Science Class: welcome

Mrs. Walker's Science Class: welcome: Hello NEW classroom bloggers, This is Mrs. Jessica Walker, I teach 6th grade Science at Centre Middle School. I have decided to create a ...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wedding Pictures, 2

The centerpieces.

These tables were made from old doors and saw horses, with an assortment of different chairs.

I still have this wonderful wreath hanging in our bedroom. Mrs. Tammy Stead made for us...thank you!

Rhett's grandad, Pop's car. It's a 1931 A-Model car. He bought this car because it was the year he was born and rebuilt the entire car, isn't it a beauty?

table

The baby grand was a added feature to the wedding. Our wonderful musicians, Dr. Myron and Mrs. Susan Wilson, thank you!

Bro. Tim and Rhett
My handsome daddy and I .... he was holding back those tears, and kept reminding me that I didn't have to get married today and we could just turn back around and he would take me home.... Daddy's girl, what do you expect?

Can't you see those BIG smiles from Rhett and I?

Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Walker

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i'm back

Hello my long lost blog friends!!! I have been very overwhelmed with the things in my life these past few months. Let me just tell you about them......
1. Got a maternity leave teaching job, teaching first grade until Christmas.
2. Cheerleading coach for Cherokee County High School varsity, practicing 3 times a week.
3. Got a job offer at Centre Middle School teaching 6th grade Science, had to turn down the maternity leave in first grade, which it was hard... but I knew the right decision......
4. Prayed, prayed, prayed for the right decision.....
5. Decorated (in one weekend) my new 6th Science classroom
6. Teaching aerobics after church on Sunday and Wednesday nights, which I LOVE!
7. Lesson plans, RTI, lesson plans, RTI, lesson plans, RTI
8. Managing a new classroom and getting to know the students, while learning the school routine as well.
9. Friday night football games, we have had 4 away football games, finally we have some home games!!!
10. Cooking with my family on Tuesday nights, they come up and Mom and I try new recipes.
11. Sold our last Boxer puppy last Saturday :(
12. Saturdays, working at the local boutique in Centre, The Willow Tree.
13. Decorating for FALL
14. Amanda's Birthday Bash
15. Finished picking out pictures from my wedding album
16. Anna and Matthew's engagment party
17. Gatlinburg trip during fall break with my mom and Nana, accomplished alot of Christmas shopping.
18. Getting ready to start blogging again........

As you can tell my life has been a whirlwind, but I love it.....I just wished I had more time to blog, and now I am determined to make TIME!

Here are some follow-up pictures....
Amanda on her 21st birthday!!!!

21 candles on a cupcake.

Shopping in Pigeon Forge

New Fall napkins

My new fireplace that Mr. Larry Walker built (Rhett's dad)

My wonderful cheerleaders during Homecoming game.

Cheerleading picnic

Bye bye Boxer puppies :(

My flowers Rhett got me after I got home from my first day at school.

Heather, me, and Taylor at Anna & Matthew engagement party

Cheer girls again

Amanda'sBirthday Bash!