Thursday, June 30, 2011


Check it out! I have finally made time to put up our honeymoon pictures. I had to pick from several hundreds. The pictures does not do the island of Antigua justice. We had a wonderful time. Enjoy!
We finally arrived in Antigua!

These black birds were EVERYWHERE!

Lunch before the beach

It's beautiful.

haha. sun bathing

the view from poolside

Dinner at Marios

Our bed was decorated everynight when we got back from dinner.

The fireMAN show. He was incredible.
He had to be absolutely crazy to be dealing with this much fire.
This is the small shopping village in Sandals, where you could purchase surverniors, diamonds, and trips.
My handsome hubby

haha, I told Rhett to open his eyes and he sure did that...haha
Rhett tanning

The swim-up bar at the Big Caribbean pool

The snorkeling trip, was awesome.

We snorkeled an old sunken ship. I wish I had taken a water proof camera with me to capture all the colorful fish.

Talent show night at the resort, we were always entertained.

Rhett and I met a sweet, sweet couple. Stephanie & Zack. They were married on the same day as we were. Rhett and Zack were going to enter the talent show by singing some good ole' songs. Well Zack got up and sung, and the crowd was overwhelmed by how wonderful he could sing. Rhett decided he better not show Mr. Zack up, haha. I wish I would have videoed Zack singing. He was great!

Zack, singing some Journey.  Next American Idol  I must say.

Rhett and Zack

The honeymoon gang at the Piano Bar.

Dinner at Eleanor's

We took a taxi into downtown Antigua to shop. Rhett was all geared up with his backpack on.
I took a break from shopping to have my picture taken with the pirate.
This was our path back to our suite.
haha. me and the camera bag. Rhett finally caught a picture of his wife.
God's beautiful creation.
We had a wonderful honeymoon. Antigua was beautiful and truly a great place to spend a honeymoon at.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

we're back

After two months, we are -kinda- back to normal. Rhett has been working everyday, still in construction, and I have been searching for teaching jobs while working three jobs....Varsity cheerleading coach, Odyssey (a gym in Centre), and Willow Tree (a clothing boutique). Our lives have been kind of crazy these past few weeks.
I will have to recap our wedding and honeymoon for you all. Let's just say there is not a word to describe how wonderful it went. I will be getting the wedding pictures back soon, and I will definitely post them on the blog.

Here is a few pictures that I have been meaning to blog about but the pictures will just have to do.

My sister's 21st birthday

Anna's boyfriend and I planned a surprise party for her...and one of her friends, Andrea, told her about it. Therefore, she wasn't surprise. I will say she sure did act like it.

Andrea, she told Anna about her own surprise party.

A few wonderful people helping me with my wedding programs.

Some of my cheerleaders came to help put them together.

My wedding programs....we ran out of material fast so this was the first go around.

Lawn & Garden Shower
Rhett's church held the shower down at the creek. It was beautiful!

Have a extravagant night, be back soon!