Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving this four day work week..... We were out Monday to celebrate President's Day!

I'm Loving my new exercise apparel that I got for my birthday.

I'm Loving the fact baseball season has began, ahhhh, I love love baseball season!
I'm Loving my Pinterest finds today.
I am totally trying these out, never thought about this before.

pink+green lilly=happiness

new pink shade for spring, can you hence the spring fever i have?

I'm Loving my Emi Jays. They are perfect for my hair its a wee bit healthier for your hair, doesn't pull your hair out, nor leaves a crease in it.

I'm Loving our choir special song for this Sunday.

I'm Loving Friendship Baptist Church kiddos, whom I did the lesson with tonight. It's rare these days to have small children attend Wednesday night church service.
I'm Loving the movie, Courageous. I started it last Friday after our science experiment with my classes. They loved it!!!!!

I'm Loving our weekend plans, grilling out with friends & UNO night.... we have such great friends!
I'm Loving the fact that I am not planning a wedding.... because this time last year, my life was consumed with wedding ideas and things to finish... don't get me wrong I loved every bit of it, but whew! Overwhelming, yes!

I'm Loving my Victoria Secret catalog that came in the mail, with all the NEW swim attire. Saving now, for at least two swimsuits this year. I have already picked out several, there all fabulous!

I'm Loving the fact that Rhett and I have read our Bible together every night this week, which doesn't happen that often because of our schedule. Thankful to say the least!

I'm Loving this quote!



  1. love getting new workout clothes!

    & love "Glorious Day". such a great song!

  2. i love getting new workout clothes and courageous is such a great movie!

  3. hey lady! thanks for the comment on my blog today... just wanted to let you know that i tried to email you in response, but it is saying undeliverable... i think maybe your email that's tied with your blog is messed up? you should be able to edit it in blogger... let me know if you need help!