Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm back!

Whew, it's been a while since I've blogged... I apologize. I miss you all and reading your blog post.

What's been up???
School started... the end! Haha
I have the best 6th grade class anyone could be given. All 135 of them are super! I even miss them on the weekends, that's rare! Teaching a new subject, Reading, has also been tough to get in the routine of weekly test and structured lessons. Which I love, but I do miss coming up with my own plans. I try to integrate as much of my own ideas as I can.... Football season is in full swing, which means cheer practice three times a week gets the best of me plus Friday night football. Bless our players, they haven't one a game yet. I pray that we at least win one game this year.

Big news!!!!!!!
My sister is engaged and is having a wedding this December which means this girl is stressed. My sister and Nick originally had planned it for May but since he is in physical therapy school at South Alabama he will have clinicals in May so this December is the only available date. We are at it again, planning a wedding... But I love it!!!
Also, my sister-in-law is pregnant!!!!!!! We went to Auburn three weeks ago to celebrate the special and oh so exciting news! This upcoming year not only will I have a new brother-in-law, I'll also be an aunt!!! Whoop whoop I'm so excited!

This Labor Day I completed by first Color run in Birmingham which I loved! I would advise you to check the weather before hand. We ran in the pouring ran and froze our booty off! But it was so much fun and such a great memory! A friend and I have signed up for a half marathon in Disney world in February! The Princess half marathon, let me know if any of you have signed up for it too.

Rhett has started a new job, insurance salesman! He is now a part of Alfa insurance and he loves it! I know it makes him happy therefore it makes me happy! He loves that it's local and fun!

I can't believe it's already about to be October!!! This year is almost over and 2013 will be here!!! Time... please SLOW down!!!
Hope you all have a lovely week!
Here are some pictures about what's been going on in my life lately!