Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Rhett and I have officially TWO months till we say " I DO". I can not believe it is almost here, goodness...we have alot to finish before that day. I am trying to take each day as it comes. I want to enjoy every minute I can. With school coming to an end things are looking even better because I can now just concentrate on my wedding.

I still have to:
  • Get my shoes in (they were the wrong size, I'm now just waiting on them to come in)
  • Dress altered
  • Practice my up-do
  • Make-up run through
  • Finish address labels
  • Mail invitations (this will be done this weekend)
  • Spray paint picture frames to place on each table
  • Engagement pictures (this Friday... we have had to reschedule 4 times and I will be relieved once this is accomplished)
  • List of songs for the D.J. (I already have a list but I want to make sure I have every song I want on it)
  • Candy table sign
  • Wood signs for the wedding
  • Order wedding sparklers
  • Finish programs
  • Buy the rest of the candy for the candy bar
  • Type out directions to place in invitations
Whew! I feel like there is still ALOT to do but I just pray that everything will come through once April gets here. I am extremely excited about APRIL.... lots and lots of showers for Rhett and I.

We have....

  • Bridal Tea.... April 10th
  • Monogramming Shower.... April 17th
  • Lingerie Shower..... April 22nd

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Been Ages

Last week was Spring Break and my friends and I decided to go on a camping trip, to end the week of with a BANG! Wednesday we packed up enough clothes to stay for 2-3 days. Luckily, Amanda's parents have a camper and we did not have to rough it in a tent. We all met in Guntersville and followed her dad with the camper to the campground. I was very impressed with the amount of people who were camping also. We got the camper all set up and her Dad did most of the handy work while we set up the chairs and cleaned a bit. Amanda and I were super excited about camping and starting a fire and roasting marsh mellows while Jena and Ashley were on their way. We got the wood all together in the fire pit and then.... we had no way of lighting it. We got in the car and hurried off to the store about 5 minutes away to get a lighter; nevertheless, we received bad news...the store was CLOSED. We sat outside and made self-timing pictures together until Jena and Ashley arrived.
The Fire Pit

Check out all the campers

Ashley and Jena finally arrived and we sat inside and chatted till we recieved a special visitor, Amanda's Dad. He came by to check on us and he brought a lighter and he fixed our television. Thank you Mr. Bruce! Later that night we made a fire and sat around it and had a cup of coffee. We went to bed pretty early considering four girls who love to talk.

We all got a good night's rest and got up, took showers (at the local bath houses), and got ready for a fun filled day at Guntersville State Park. Ashley and I packed first aid kits and made sure we had our backpacks loaded in case anything happened. Of course, we loaded our backpacks down with crackers and water. Four girls hiking, it was a load of fun!
Amanda and Jena and their hiking hats

Amanda, Me, Jena, and Ashley

 Waterfall Trail, hoping to see a beautiful waterfall

Amanda, Jena, and Ash were ready to go on the hike

We had to follow the yellow dots/signs

Amanda and Ash were parting the "Red Sea"

The "HUGE" Beautiful Waterfall

Jena taking a drink of fresh water

Ashley was the light for the camera, haha!

Amanda added this lovely pine branch accessory to my ponytail

Which way? That way!

Jack and Rose

The trail

We decided to take on another trail

Don't jump on the ledge!

Jena and Ash rock climbing

Amanda and I try walking on this dead broken tree

After our hiking trip, we came back to the camp ground and grilled out....hamburgers and hot dogs

Amanda and I enjoying the sunset

Ash was a GREAT chef!

Molly Bolly came to camp with us. She brought us everything needed to make smores.

Amanda and Ash roasting their marsh mellows

My marsh mellow

What would camping be without a delicious smore.

IT'S BEEN AGGESSSS, since I have been camping and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My friends and I had a great time. We relaxed, exercised, tanned, enjoyed God's beauty, and spent quality time GIRL time together.

Where are some other great spots to camp?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Update on the Walker House

First off,  being a student teacher in the fourth grade calls for ARMT/SAT review this week. The kids will take these test all next week, bless their hearts. I am praying now for positive results on these test. The test these days are important to the teacher, principal, higher administration, and to the state of Alabama. We, teachers, have a huge role to take on when we begin practing for the tests. We have to make sure we have covered every subject and every particular item that might be on these test before March. I pray that these kiddos will do their best and put everything we have taught them into it.

Anyways, I will STOP with the "school" talk. It has been hectic and crazy all at the same time. I am been trying to spend more time with my hubby to be, Rhett, this week especially because he has been putting up our walls for the house. I have been helping him with his school work, lesson plans, and wedding "stuff" so he can put all his work into the house. The house is really coming along....we have walls!! No more 2 x 4's and looking through them to see into the next room. I am getting excited! This weekend we will be painting the walls. I can not believe it is getting so close and before long the house will be complete. Rhett and I have decided to Go Green, and use only two colors throughout our house. In our living room, kitchen, and bathroom we are painting it, Olive Branch. In our bedroom and closet we are painting it, Driftwood. Both colors are from Benjamin Moore and I found them while looking at items on Pottery Barn and I feel in love with both of these colors. The colors satisfied Rhett and I and so we went Monday night and pick the colors out and bought 4 gallons of Olive Branch and 3 gallons of Driftwood. I am excited to actual "work" in the house this weekend. I will be the primer gal' and Rhett is such a excellent painter he will apply the actual paint on the walls.

Olive Branch


*My house pictures are downloaded on Rhett's computer; therefore, I will post pictures tomorrow night.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"The" Song

I have FINALLY found the first song Rhett and I will dance to at the reception. I am so thankful to have finally found this song. "We Are Man and Wife" by Michelle Featherstone... let me know what you think.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring is Near

WOW!!!! Can you believe Spring is almost here, holy moly! I have so much to do in so little amount of time. March is flying by, ever so rapidly. My teaching days are wrapping up and school assignments are almost ALL completed and now I am trying to pace myself and enjoy planning my wedding.

SPRING BREAK is here.... and with almost 2 months away, I have several things I have to do for my wedding. I bet you can only guess what I will be doing this spring break. Ha! I am feeling bullets to list everything.....

  •  Wedding shoes: I have found some on DSW but still just making sure those are the perfect ones for my dress.
  • Songs for reception:  I have got to create me a complete NEW wedding songs list for my D.J. because last week my computer crashed and everything, basically my LIFE, was on it. Now I bum off the parents and sister computers to complete everything. If you know of any new or good songs for my wedding reception please leave a comment below. (I beg of you. This would help me out.) 
  • Take pictures of "THE WALKER HOUSE"
  • Find sparklers in a bulk for when we leave the reception
  • Clean my complete closet out: This will be tough for me because some things will just have to depart from me to fit into this new house. I am determined though.
  • Move all Christmas shower gifts and storage containers into new house.
  • Spend a night with my grandparents
  • Shopping with Nana
  • Print off pictures of Rhett and I for the luncheon and wedding reception decorations
  • Find my jewelry for my wedding
  • Have a practice run with my hairdresser for the wedding
  • TAN
  • Camping with Amanda, Jena, and Ashley
  • Making up dance with Haleigh for wedding reception
  • Draw Aunt Mary a picture of the wedding cake
  • Auburn with FMIL to see Heather and attempt a Pure Barre class
  • Go through all future school supplies and organize them into specific storage containers
  • Make signs on wood for wedding (Rhett will hopefully already have the wood cut)
  • RUN to continue my practice for my first 5K
Happy Spring Break!!!

-What are your plans for Spring Break?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living Without

I have been busy as a little beeeeee these past few days. Yesterday, I found out one of my best friends from Jacksonville State has started a blog, check it here. She inspires me in many ways and I'm excited to see how her blog inspires others. Okay while spending time with her today, we were thinking about things we could not live without. I decided I needed to share.

New Living Translation Study Bible

Rhett Houston Walker

My family

Daily organizer, planner (it stays with me wherever I shall go)

Hand sanitizer

Cell phone


Theses are just some of  my top items I couldn't live without. What are the items you could NOT live without????

Happy Wednesday!