Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Early Christmas/ Thanksgiving/ Update

My dear sweet hubby, gave my an early Christmas present..... what was it.... a D3100 Camera! s
So this is what I've been doing lately........
I started decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving..first time for that one. I am the type that can not stand to decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over, but now with being a teacher I have to take my precious time off into consideration. I did take it slow but starting out with the small things.
My dear brother-n-law came home and helped Rhett with landscaping. I came home from work with a look of a new house. Check it out.

Placing the plants

Can you tell the difference? The wood is stained and the plants have been planted. By the way, as you can see my outdoor decorations were still Fall, haha! I just had decorated the inside so we could still be celebrating Thanksgiving by the decor' outside.  

Thanksgiving at Granddaddy Pope's, it was a late night and Anna and I already had our "comfy" clothes on. I apologize for the look. ha!
Thanksgiving with the Griffith's!

My family without my dear Rhett! (It's a tradition for Dad to go hunting every year before Thanksgiving dinner, Anna and I used to go with him.... I told him one day he'll have grandkiddos to take with him)

Thanksgiving with the Walker's (Heather, Cathi, and I got early Christmas presents from Aunt Mary. Ornaments to hang outside, isn't she creative?)

Heather excited about her ornaments!

I sure do love my sweet Sadie Mae.

My dear sister & brother-n-law! Love you guys!
My CCHS cheerleaders!
Some of my beautiful cheer girls!

Have a blessed night! Only 9 more days till Christmas break!

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  1. I too got the SAME Christmas present, EARLY! So fun! I LOVE my camera. :)

    I love your stockings - Willow House?
    I've been to several parties in the past two months and LOVED those stockings, however I had already purchased new ones this year. Very cute!