Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's a Tacky Christmas

the voting booth for ugly, uglier, ugliest sweater

the gifts for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners

yummy goodies

my tacky outfit. story behind the skirt... while i was in the process of cooking sausage balls, my dear husband told me to be still and i couldn't turn around fast enough to notice he had cut my skirt. this skirt went down past my socks... and he decided to cut it. all i could do is laugh, i did tell him he better have made it longer in the back than he did in the front.... and he did. there you have it.... my tacky outfit!

rhett making last minute cheese dip

mr. kyle

the punch
some of the tacky crew

dirty santa

trying to decide if i wanted to steal or not

rhett's lotto ticket

kyle's blanket
matthew's gift, free hugs coupon valued at $4.71.... this was hilarious!

my girls

rhett took a break and bonded with baby rylan

wesley & kelsey



reggieeeee came!

the tackiest couple jeremy & meredith (whew i look rough looooong night... don't judge!)

haha, my favorite picture

how we rated the night, thumbs up!

Overall, our 1st annual Tacky Christmas party turned out great. Enjoyed lots of laughs, drinks, and talk with friends. Now looking forward to next years tacky christmas party! (btw, just realized rhett & i did not get a picture together, goodness jessica! definitely on my "to do" list for next year.)


  1. This makes me want to have a Tacky Christmas Party! How fun!!! Ya know girl, you even make tacky look cute :)

  2. Jessica, this is awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE tacky Christmas Parties! You & Rhett did a fantastic job, everyone looked SO good!