Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Married Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Walkers!!!!
This is just a re-cap of funny, interesting, pictures from our first married Christmas!

Christmas with the Pope's (the day before Christmas Eve)
Rhett & I

Granddaddy Pope, after 22 years of trying to get him to smile, it still doesn't happen :(

Christmas with Rhett's mothers side (the smith's)....Christmas EVE
Check out all the beautiful wrappings!

Heather and I

Mrs. Cathi & Uncle Greg. (Don't you just love his smile, haha!) I am glad that Uncle Greg came down to spend 2 weeks with us for Christmas!

Heather, Papa, and I (our first christmas without our sweet Neena)

Papa's new collar for Phobe from Greg & Dale

Papa's BIG surprise from all of us hedge trimmers

new gloves!

haha, the lovely peacock ornament.

Rhett & Heather

new eyeshadow for Heather

Rhett got new carrera sunglasses

apple for the teacher ornament, thank you greg & dale

Heather's new owl pillow

Jason's present...a table runner!!!! Which ended up being the wrong present, he opened up Rhett's grandmother's gift for the next night. haha. It was funny!

an owl change purse. I love love love owls! Don't ya like how I am hooting?

Jessica made a big OOOOPPISE... rhett and I opened presents Christmas morning and we didn't take ONE single picture of one another opening our gifts. Lesson learned for next year.

Christmas at my parents house, Christmas Day!

daddy opening his gifts.

mom and her new kindle

rhett's new bosch drill.

another surprise... a vest. Rhett is NOT a vest wearer(if that's a word) and he loved it!

A YOGA MAT!!!!!!!

house shoes...

Christmas at the Griffith's (mom's side) Christmas DAY!

anna and paw

the boys

Christmas with the Walker's (Rhett's dads side) Christmas DAY
Sabrina & Heather

Sadie opening her dolls

heather, rhett, and jeffrey

all the kiddos beating up rhett

Hope you all had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Our first Christmas together was simply wonderful!
Looking forward to many many more.
May God Bless you!
....Rhett & Jessica....

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  1. looks like a great christmas! thats so funny he opened the wrong present... that happened to me this year (my mother in law swapped the names on the gifts on accident) and i opened mens pj pants... lol.

    and i love your vest!! you look so cute!