Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thanksgiving break

My, oh my......this Thanksgiving break has taken a toil on me. I need to learn to say "no" every once in a while.

Friday after we got out of school, I stayed a little bit after school to clean my room up to prepare the classroom for the week after Thanksgiving. I made me a "To Do' list, for thanksgiving break (that I haven't even touched yet). After leaving CMS, I departed to my Nana's house to cook a dessert for decorating the church for Christmas. All the ladies of our church get together to decorate the church for Christmas. I had know clue what to cook, all the older ladies make such delicious soups, therefore, I just couldn't compete with them....so I stuck with dessert. I realize during my planning time that I haven't made it to the grocery store in two weeks, there was not anything at the Walker house to make, I called my precious Nana, of course she had great quick recipes for me to put together to make something. She even bought everything, I went to her house, made a strawberry cheesecake and took it to church and wowzzzzers it was gone before I even got a piece of it. Decorating the church was more fun than I thought it would be. Lots of laughter, does anyone good. The church looked beautiful by 930pm that night. I went home and had to clean house, for my dear sister & brother -in-law were coming in for the weekend. Needless to say, I am anal about a clean house.... I stayed up and cleaned till about 1230. Rhett was long gone asleep. I even cleaned with the lights on in our bedroom, and Rhett didn't move.
Saturday, I had to work at my weekend job, The Willow Tree, a ladies boutique (which has such beautiful clothing for a ladies). We worked till 5 and the best part about my day was that my sweet sister-n-law, Heather, came in a surprised me. We made dinner plans..... After I got off, I came home to a new beautiful landscaped house. Jason and Rhett worked extremely hard to get 50 plants planted in one day. Check it out, didn't they do a wonderful job???? We got dinner in Rome, Ga at Longhorn (not my favorite, but it was food) reminisced a little....and just enjoyed ourselves.
Sunday, church! After church, we went to Gadsden and did a little Christmas shopping... and then went to lunch at my parents house. Mom made tenderloin (which I do NOT eat).... but I was sweet and ate the sides.It was good seeing my Mom and sister, my poor dad was working, but I will get to see him Thanksgiving! Thanks Mom for Sunday's lunch!
Monday, work at the Willow Tree!!!! You can add The Willow Tree as your friend on Facebook to check out their wonderful clothing, shoes, Vera, Brighton, Pandora..... After work was the first basketball game for CCHS, I attended and Cherokee County won all games, hope this will be a good basketball season. Rhett met me at the gym to watch the game and cheerleaders :) with me.
 Tuesday, work at the Willow Tree!!!! I also did some Christmas shopping today, I got something accomplished, yayyy for me! After work, I came home to a wonderful husband who was cooking dinner, I made sure this time it wasn't hamburger helper, haha! He was cooking cube steak, mashed potatoes, and brownies. I was in LOVE all over again! I came in a started helping him cook, we called up his dad and pop(his grandad) to come up for dinner...since Cathi (Rhett's mom) was gone to Auburn to visit Heather. Dinner was delicious! I finally decided on Christmas cards, which is a HUGE accomplishment! Finally decided on whether or not to get a real or fake tree..... FAKE it is, due to laziness (i guess).
Wednesday, I am OFF!!!!!! I got to sleep past 7am....and it felt SO GOOD! I took my time to get ready and put turned on my Justin Bieber Pandora radio station, my what a good morning! I picked up my sister, Anna, and went Christmas shopping will about 4. We got alot accomplished... I'm still in the down's about Rhett's "BIG" surprise present from me... boys are just hard to buy for.... I don't understand that. One thing I did not accomplish, putting up a Christmas tree in my classroom. Maybe Sunday afternoon it can be done. I sure do hope so!!!
Thursday, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! I am blessed beyond belief! God has been so good to me....I hope you thank God for all the wonderful things he has blessed you with. (don't eat too much)..... with good southern cooking, that hard to do!
Don't forget to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, watch out for the cheerleaders, I have three beautiful Cherokee County cheerleaders that will be marching in it.
BLACK Friday,  come visit me at The Willow Tree, open 7am-5pm. 7-9 DOORBUSTERS! Rhett and I are leaving to head to Auburn for the big Auburn/Alabama game. We are blessed to have Heather & Jason to live there, FREE stay! Yippie!!! I can't wait to spend the weekend with them.
Saturday, WAR EAGLE!!!!!!! Watch for us on TV! ESPN gameday!!!! I'll be in all Auburn attire and Rhett will be in Alabama attire.

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