Sunday, December 11, 2011

whew...what a weekend!

This Saturday we had our Sunday School Ornament Party at Ross & Erin's house. We enjoyed it and recieved cute ornaments, laughs, and yummy foods!
Wesley, Allison, Sabrina, and Kim

Amanda &  Deanna

Fellowship at the table

Time to EAT!!!!

Thank goodness for Honeymoon Bakery.... :) I apologized to Rhett for not baking him a homemade cake.... I promised I would next year.

Thank you Kim for grabbing my camera from me to capture a picture of us.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sadie Mae!

Sadie with her Nana


kiddos with Sabrina and Erin

Erin & Karlie

Decorating their sugar cookies

all the kiddos at Sadie's party

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sadie Mae!

Have a Fabulous Week!
Christmas Break..... 5 days!!!!! YIPPIE

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