Thursday, February 3, 2011

Update on the Walker House

I finally MADE time to visit the house. Even though if was on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, I had to capture the process and take pictures. There has been so much progress since the last timeI saw the house. Rhett has been working as much as he can. School and other small jobs is slowing the process, but it is totally understandable. Check it out....

We have are finally finished with the vinyl, yippie!!!! This is a view from the back, check out the back door. We went with an traditional metal back door.

Our front door, this is the first door we saw, and we bought it. I absolutely love it! We are going to stain it to match the shutters. I can't wait to hang wreaths, and.... maybe a "W" for Walker???

Our bath/shower...we can keep clean! We just went with a simple two-in-one tub. I can't wait to see the shower head and knobs on it. I love them. I will post them as soon as the pluming gets finished, the knobs should be on. We found them at Lowe's (didn't realize how expensive those things can be). We ended up with a good reasonable price for one that we both compromised on.  Oh yeah, right beside the shower will be our potty. :)

We officially have heating and cooling. I was amazed to see how small  our unit is, very modernized these days. Small and compacted! The duct work is finished and all we have left is to finish the insulation and get the ceiling and walls up and all this wiring will not be noticeable. *Check out all the wires, Rhett and his dad did it ALL! Awesome, right?

Rhett working hard to finish up the vinyl before the sunset. I am so blessed to have someone who can just do about anything. I call him, a jack of all trades. Anyone need anything, hit me up and I'll send Rhett out to fix it or to get the job finished.

Look closely and you will see our flood lights. Rhett insisted on placing them on all four sides of our house. Since our house is already 2 miles from the road he made sure were to be to noticed. See the lights, drive on up and visit.

Front porch view. I was hesitant to jump down from the porch, considering we don't have steps yet, to take a better picture. This is just as good as it gets until it warms up and the ground isn't so gooey...Isn't that a good teacher word .... haha!

One side of the house, I chose this side because the ground is really flat and my Sunday heels didn't sink into the wet dirt/mud. This view is from the back.

The house is coming along.. I can't wait to have the wood work finished so I can come in a decorate and add my personal "touch" to it.

By the way.... I am still working hard on my unit for Alabama History. I am asking for some prayers for this upcoming week as I begin teaching for TEN days straight. I think I am ready, but I am trying to remain flexible because it is key to being an effective teacher...especially since this icy and snowy weather we have been having. Just keep me in mind and send up some prayers. Thank you so much! I will be back after this Unit is finished.

Anyone know of a good place to buy a shower certain? I am looking for a simple neutral color.


  1. Looks like it's coming along. Everything so far looks awesome. How exciting I wouldn't be able to stand it. Have a great weekend!

  2. The house looks great. Rhett is doing such a great job! I hope your Unit goes well and that your kiddos enjoy learning about Alabama History. I'll send up some prayers for you!

    Oh and about the shower curtain...I don't have any cool suggestions, but if you haven't looked at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and department stores then I would start there. Good luck! I hope you find what you're looking for.