Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yes, I Can!

Okay, after being cooped up all winter...I am determined to run a 5K! I would love to run a 10K.....but I want to stick with the 5K first.
First off, I want to sign up for a race that's at least 6 weeks away or longer. That way I will have catch up time if life (school, wedding, and etc.) intervenes and slows down my training time.
Next, I am going to start off slow, by running only 2 miles, three times a week.I hope this will help me pace myself and conserve energy for the race's second half...even if I have to walk.
I think by setting this goal for myself will help with toning my body up for the wedding.

Since my birthday was yesterday, I got birthday MONEY! yayyy what a great birthday present... I think I am going to buy me a good running outfit. I already have plenty of pairs of Nike running shorts but I always just pull out a random t-shirt to wear with them. I have been wanting a complete outfit. Rhett is letting my pick out tennis shoes for my birthday present from him. These are the ones I am thinking about:

Puma Faas

Nike Free Run

and of course, the running attire......

Athleta Stability Running Shorts

Athleta Ready to Run Tank

I am determined! I have my mind set on this...and I keep telling myself ....yes, you can!!!

Have you ever ran/walk a 5K or 10K?
How was your experience?
What are your opinions on this running attire?

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