Saturday, February 19, 2011

Introducing the Maids

A few blogs ago, I said that I would introduce my bridesmaids to you all. I finished my lesson plans for this week and finally have some time. Let's get started!

My maid of honor-Anna Brooke (sissy): She is my 14 1/2 month younger sister, whom I consider my best friend. She is AMAZING!!!!! I am so blessed to have her as my sister and better yet, my maid of honor. She is currently in nursing school at Jacksonville State and she stays busy studying her life away; therefore, it makes it hard for us to have "sister bonding" time. I don't know what I am going to do when I move out because I will lose so much....not only a sister but roommate, extra closet that is filled with shoes and clothes, make-up, laughs, food, and time. Here is my beautiful sister!
Matron of Honor-Heather: (Rhett's sister): She is 5 years older than I but we are perfect for each other. She lives in Auburn with her husband, Jason, it makes it hard to see each other but we maintain a very strong relationship. She is a great future sister-in-law. She is more like the big sister I never had. Heather and I giggle and laugh the whole time we're together, we think everything is funny. I just love that about us. I can't wait to see her more often, especially after the wedding, Rhett and I will be coming to visit more. Heather and Jason stay so busy and are such hard-workers and their relationship with each other is amazing and it gives Rhett and I hope. Haha! They are such wonderful people. Love you HEATHER!!!!! (She is on the right.)
Paris: Let me just say this, we've been friends now for 22 years!!! How many people can say that? That is a very long time to know someone and better yet still be best friends. My parents and her parents met while in college and lived below each other in an apartment complex. Paris was born two weeks before I was. She was my Mary-Kate and I was her Ashley. We have many memories together. I am so blessed to have her spend this special day with me. Pap is an amazing girl. She is hard working and loves her family so much, she will make an great wife to that special person one day. (Her sister, Alexa, and Paris is on the right)

Lyndsey: We met in the 4th grade when she moved to Hokes Bluff from Columbus, GA and ever since we have been the best of friends. To sum it up, we loved, we hated, we loved, we hated, we loved, we hated. haha! Isn't that how a good friendship goes? She has been there for me throughout my high school, crazy college days and still is there for me. Even though she lives in Auburn and we only see each other on holidays because we both stay super duper busy when we do it is like we have just been together like the good ol' days. We talk and talk about life, love, and clothes. I am so excited about having my Lyn Lee in my wedding.

Anna Miller: Yes! There is two Anna's in my wedding. I met Anna Miller at Jacksonville State University in the Education Program. We just "clicked". Anna probably thought I was the annoying girl in class because I talked her head off the first day play the 21 questions game. haha! Sorry Anna. God sent me so many precious friends and Anna Welsh Miller was one of them. She is from Sylacauga, AL and is interning at an elementary school, just like me. We stay so busy but I know we will remain close because what's an Anna without her Jessica. We have many memories at the wonderful JSU, and Grove. I love you, Anna!

Ashley: Met her at Jacksonville too! Actually she came to my church with my preacher's daughter and she introduced me to Ashley. Ashley told me she was at JSU and was in the elementary education program, and I was like me too! We decided to take some of the same classes., and from that point on we became friends. We are complete opposites but she is so much like my sister, I guess that is why we bonded so well. Miss Ashley is also interning this year. She is from Crossville, AL and my goodness this little girl is so precious to me. She loves God more than anyone I know and I love that aspect about her. We have much fun when we are together. I can't wait to see her cute self dance the night away with me at the wedding. Momma Ash, I love you!
Amanda Shea: Yep, she is another Jacksonville girl. Amanda Shea and I are so much alike it isn't funny. We love to laugh, dance, and shop. I met Amanda this past year and who knew we would be this close. I actually met her at my church when she came with Ashley and Jena. I was a bit nervous because I thought she was going to take my new best friends away from me....but I was wrong. We ALL became such great friends. I think the first night I went over to their place, Amanda and I swapped wardrobes and went out and ever since then well... you know. She is from Fyffe, AL and is majoring in English Education. She is two years younger than I and I would've never thought that when I met her. She is an all around great girl and I am blessed to have her as my best friend.

Jena (JHope): Jena Hope is from Crossville, AL and is also Ashley's older sister. We are the same age and she helps keep me sane and controllable. She is also a Jacksonville gal, only the best! She is majoring in social work, and I believe she loves this with her whole heart. Jena, is an amazing girl....she reminds me alot of Rhett...very truthful, caring, patient, and out spoken. I am so glad Jena is in my wedding, I can't wait to get down and dance with my JHOPE. Jena, I hope you're practing your dance moves. JPope loves her JHope!

Macie: (cousin) She lives in Indiana and I am she is also the youngest "Pope" girl in the family. I am so glad they will be able to make it to my wedding. Macie is truly a beautiful young girl. I really wished we lived a lot closer than what we do but it's manageable. I love you, Macie. Thank so much for being in the wedding.

Thank you girls for everything you do and I am so blessed to have you in my life!
I love you!

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  1. Sounds like you have amazing gals in your life!