Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Plans

I have A LOT on my mind.....
First off, I am working on finishing my Alabama History Unit on the Great Depression, the New Deal, and WWII....if you have any ideas (creative ones) please e-mail me, I am running out of ways to make it interesting and fun.

Next, I have been working on finishing up my guest list. MAN, it is quiet impossible and so hard to narrow the list down. We are striving towards 300; however, we have a tad bit more than that...the goal is maybe 350. I am hoping to get all the addresses finished up by this weekend. I had a very dear friend who is going to address them for me using her fabulous calligraphy on them.

Our house is looking great, I haven't been able to visit due to school, whom is keeping me so busy. Rhett has almost finished the vinyl and he installed the air unit this afternoon, yay! I am hoping to take pictures this weekend. Keep a watch out for them.

So far...
  • All bridesmaids have their dresses, we went with the J.Crew silk taffeta, violet dust.

  • The bridesmaids will be wear very neutral color shoes, I told them it will be up to them with the style. Heels or flats, just go neutral.
  • The groomsmen are going to wear black tux but still unsure about their shirt color but Rhett's will be ivory to match ME!
  • The flower girl dresses have been purchased, they went with the a long ivory dress, with a cap sleeve with silk outlining the dress. The girls are very slender and are absolutely beautiful. The will be barefoot and will keep the theme very simple and will let the beauty be the nature surrounding us.
  • The ring bearer will be dressed in the same outfit as the groomsmen.
  • I really want the flower girls to carry tin buckets or something different. Instead of the original ivory basket with flower pedals in them.
  • All invitations are bought and they sit in two huge boxes in my bedroom with all the other wedding essentials.
  • The wedding rehearsal dinner has been booked. Chatokee Lodge in Gaylesville, AL and this place is beautiful. If I had not already chosen where I would want to get married I would have chosen this place...check it out!

This will be where we eat our rehearsal dinner
  • The wedding program will also be a fan, just in case the weather gets a bit warmer than expected the program will be very useful in that area.

  • Entrance, I will be brought in by Rhett's grandad, Pop. He will drive me in his 1931 A-Model car, its beautiful and he fixed up the whole car himself.

  • Mason jars for the centerpieces, check! A sweet lady from my church collects them and has a zillion and I am so blessed to have her in my life. She has so many, I couldn't believe it.

  • Favors.... Yes, we are doing a "candy" bar. However, it is going to be quite simple and unique. We are going with all the candy to coordinate with the wedding colors, blush pink, white, and black. The candy will be stored in a variety of glass containers and vases. They will sit on an old door which will be on two saw horses. I can't wait to see this. I know it will look great, and for a person to love candy as much as I do, will certainly enjoy it. Also, this is not the only favors, the other favors consits of a candle in a votive with a sweet round sticker on it, that says Jessica & Rhett and the date, 5-28-11. These will be placed on the tables for whomever to take home.

  • Food, we will have a PIG, and yes an actual pig sitting on a table, dead with an apple in its mouth. Rhett's cousin will be the slicer and will cut up BBQ for everyone, this will be on a separate table. Along with the BBQ will be baked potato and salad, and lots of yummy fruits and vegetables for those picky ones.

  • Cakes, check! Thank you God for Aunt Mary. We are so blessed to have Aunt Mary, Rhett's aunt, she bakes cake and they are absolutely amazing. I will have a 4 layer white on white cake with our initials on the third layer and flowers to decorate it the rest. Uncle Greg and Dale will take care of the decorating and the small minor details. Rhett is still unsure about this cake. For sure he wants yellow cake with chocolate icing. He can not make up his mind about the decor'...either Alabama or John Deere.

  • DJ, check! Dee Miller from Mix 102.9 will be there and I can not wait!!! He is great!

  • Leaving... we will "pretend" to leave after out first few dances. We will exit the tent with the guests lighting their sparklers and entering my Pawpaw's white 1957 Chevrolet and he will drive us up to Rhett's church (which is only 1 minute from his house) and we will change clothes and get into our dancing attire. I still haven't picked out this dress, but looking. We will come back and dance the night away!!!

  • Come out and have the time of your life with us! I can't wait!!!!

    Be back soon to introduce the bridesmaids!

    Any ideas where I can find sparklers in a huge quantity?


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