Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cards & Teacakes

I decided to get crafty last night with Valentine's Day approaching so soon.

I needed to get something for my wonderful fourth graders but also need to save money; therefore, I got my scrap booking items down from a huge box that was placed on my top shelf in my closet. I haven't gotten this box down since high school so there was no telling what all crafty supplies was in there. I got it down and went through it all. I had everything needed to make Valentine cards for my kiddos. Even though it took me a couple of hours I finished them and it did not cost me a dime. Check them out:

I also needed to make something "sweet" to make for the Valentine's Day party for my class and for the Valentine Banquet for my church. I had several ideas in mind: red velvet cake, chocolate chip cookie cake with red icing, or some type of cookies. I came across a recipe in the "Southern Living" magazine last week. They had a recipe for Sweetheart Sugar Cookies but see my mom has the same recipe but her recipe was called Southern Teacakes, so which ever you prefer to call them would be fine. I called them tonight at church Sweetheart Teacakes.

Check them out:

I took the light pink glazed teacakes to church tonight for our Valentine Banquet and tomorrow I will be taking the sprinkled teacakes to school for my lovely kiddos.

Let me know if your interested in the recipe for theses teacakes.

        I hope you all will have a Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy time with a special person in your life. 

What are your Valentine's Day plans?

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  1. Those cookies look great! I'm sure your class loved them!