Saturday, February 12, 2011

Antigua, here we come!

We FINALLY have booked our honeymoon destination spot. With only 3 months till the wedding, it's booked! Rhett and I finally made the BIG decision at the beginning of February and just now got it down for our honeymoon, yay! I'm so excited. Through lots and lots of debating, we decided on the Sandals Resort in Antigua.

We originally wanted to go to St. Lucia, and I had my mind made up since I saw the Bachelor show last year, before Rhett and I got engaged. I mentioned it to Rhett and he was all for it. Consider the Bachelor broadcasted St. Lucia it has double in price. We looked at several other Caribbean Islands and fell in love with Antigua. Antigua, to us, has been highly recommended. Our preachers daughter, lived there for several years and worked their as a nurse and she loved it. We mentioned it to her and she said it would be the perfect spot for us. We still were a bit undecided and kept on looking. We were trying to find a PERFECT "honeymoon" destination while staying within our budget. We kept on going back to Antigua, so Rhett called Monday and booked it. Antigua, here we come!!!

Check out the pictures, it's beautiful and I can't wait to be there with the man of my dreams!!!!

I can not wait to be here!!!!!!

Where did you go on your honeymoon or to those who are not married yet, where would you like to go?



  1. Unfortunately we didn't get a honeymoon but I would definitely go somewhere tropical if we ever get a nice "alone" vacation. I think Antigua is a great pick. Looks fabulous!!

  2. We aren't going on honeymoon right after the wedding because I just started a new job and my vacation days haven't accrued and Brandon is still in school. I am looking into doing a cruise later on MAYBE. Brandon said we could go during his spring break, but a spring break honeymoon wasn't that romantic to me!

  3. Ed and I went to Helen, Georgia. We had a great time, but only got to stay for a few days. We went back last year and were very disappointed because it had become a biker town. Not much left there to do if you don't go out and drink the night away. Needless to say we won't be going back. We are hoping to go to Hawaii for our 15th anniversary. Just two more years.