Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter & 2 days!

Weekend RECAP:
Easter weekend was filled with fun! 
Friday, I substituted for my sister's boyfriend mother. Then I hurried to Rhett's house and met his sister and mother and went to my Lingerie Shower in Hokes Bluff. It was super fun and I can't wait till my Bachlorette Weekend.  
 My cake,  Rhett's Aunt Mary made. This looked like my shower invitation.
 Anna and I 
Rhett's mother and my sweet mother
Heather, my soon to be sister-in-law :)
 Anna, she was a beautiful toilet paper bride
Anna, my sister, as a beautiful toilet paper bride 
 My lovely group of friends that came to my Lingerie Shower, thank you all very much!

Saturday, I spent my day working up at our house....YES, I WORKED! We are finished with ALL the floors and now just waiting on the counter tops to come in. After that I can move all my new Bridal Tea gifts into the cabinets. I can not wait to do some DEEP cleaning, all the dirt and windows are killing me. Hopefully this weekend I can get some cleaning done. 
Sunday, EASTER! We had a FABULOUS church service. The youth group did an amazing drama about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  After church, we have a very traditional meal at my grandparents house and took lots of Easter pictures. 
 My LAST Easter, as a "Pope"
Rhett and I 
This is the HUGE Oak tree I use to want to get married under, but now that I've met Rhett we decided to choose his land to get married on, but I just love this tree!
GRADUATION is in 2 days!

I can not believe it is here. Bittersweet feeling I must say.......

For the past three days, my fellow Jacksonville State Elementary Education friends and I have been completing ARI (Alabama Reading Initiative) training. It has been super fun and I can not wait to go out and apply all these new strategies and ways to teach Reading effectively to students. Well guess what....Friday is the BIG day, I will be closing a one door and opening a new one come 6pm, Friday night. I have met such wonderful people while attending Jacksonville State University and have made so MANY memories. I can not wait to see what the future holds for my friends and I. I want to say a special thanks to Jacksonville State for the wonderful teachers you employ for Elementary Education classes.

Whitney, Ashley, ME, and Anna (I met these wonderful young ladies at JSU and now I consider them my BEST friends.)

Devan and I, we graduated high school together and now JSU.

Check out all the Elementary, Early Childhood, and Special Education interns for this Spring

Happy Early Graduation Girls & Guys!!!! See you Friday:)

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