Monday, April 18, 2011

The End, Internship.

 Friday, April 15th was my LAST day at Cedar Bluff School. Yes! I can not believe it is already here... very much, bittersweet.

The night before I made homemade cards, Easter cupcakes, a homemade cookie cake and bought chips, dip, and drinks for a surprise party for the kiddos. Friday morning, I came to school with all the kids already loving on me, making such sweet comments, and I had over a hundred notebook paper cards from the kiddos. After lunch, the weather got bad. The school system had dismissed school at 12:30. This meant the surprise party was going to be ASAP! I took them to the restroom after lunch and when I got back into the room my cooperating teacher, Mrs. Burgess,  had set up balloons, two huge cookie cakes and lots of goodies for me. I was surprised! I had no clue they were going to do something for me. I went into tears.... I was surprised. The kids had made me a painted flower pot and on the sides were their fingerprints that were made into butterflies and other insects with their name beside their personal fingerprint. The pot was stuffed with abundant of school supplies.... I was overjoyed. All the kids wanted me to open and read every card right then but due to school being dismissed soon, I had to hand out their surprises from Miss Pope. I made them a postcard with a picture on it ending with a sweet thank you. I wrote a personal letter to each of them pointing out something specific I liked and thought about them and I thanked them for being a super student teaching class. I also gave them a personalized pencil because they are constantly losing their pencil. I put all this in an envelope and gave it to them. They loved it. I thought I should have just made goodie bags but that is just "junkie" candy and so I thought a picture would always be a good memory gift to have. As soon as school was dismissed all the students came to me with hugs, hugs, and more hugs. I have had a great internship at Cedar Bluff School and I look forward to being back there soon.

This was the picture I printed out for each student.

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