Tuesday, May 3, 2011


25 days till the BIG day!

I can't believe, it will be here before I realize it.... 

Everything is coming together, thankfully. I am getting extremely excited about it. I have been working up at the house to make sure all the dishes and appliances and decorations are placed. We still have to get our bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and dining room table in the house.  The bathroom will be finished this week, I hope!
My dear, hubby-to-be, will be venturing off this weekend for a young adult retreat. I am glad he is participating in it. He needs a break from working 24/7, literally! I will admit it, I was a little upset when he told me that he will not be in town for three days...my response was.... we have to have a house by MAY 28th, Rhett!!! His response, Jessica...everything will come together, you know that... which I do but I feel that it has to be right then.
Rhett completed my wood signs for the direction arrows last night. I still have to paint "Walker Wedding" on them. We still have to build the arbor, dance floor, and piano stand...but we will get it completed!
My Bridesmaids gifts came in today.... I can't wait to give them to my special young ladies....

I have moved the majority of my things to the house, this also gets me way too excited..haha! Rhett laughs at me...he keeps telling me, if I bring anything else we are going to have to add on an addition.

I was just going to give a brief update... I am currently working on our slide show for our rehearsal dinner. I better get that tough booger out of the way.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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