Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Years!

Happy, Happy New Years!!! I am a little bit on the belated side about posting, but forgive me. I have been super busy...
I am looking forward to a wonderful and fabulous 2011. Rhett and I have a lot of things happening this year.

-Student Teaching at Cedar Bluff School in Cherokee County January 3, 2011 (I have already started and love it!!!)

-Monogram Shower February: I can't wait for this shower, it's the most exciting one for me!!! I get to see ALL my friends from high school and college, again.

-MY BIRTHDAY!!! February 16th.... I'll be 22. I can't wait, my birthday is definitely my favorite day out of the week and I usually celebrate the whole week.

-SPRING BREAK, March: I will be missing out on the wonderful beach trip with the girls this year due to getting married and decorating and moving into our new house. I think it's a well worth miss-out. haha!

-Bridal Tea, March: I will be receiving all the wonderful essentials for the house and get to see all the wonderful people who will be attending the wedding.

-GRADUATION, April 29: I cannot believe I am on the end of my journey in college. I thought this day would never be here this soon, but I am looking forward to getting the opportunity to awaken myself in the "real" world and start job searching and making my own money. I am praying and hoping God has a special plan for me after graduation. I am placing my hope and worries in his hands to take care of everything. I am willing to do whatsoever he has planned for me.

-Bachlorette Weekend, May: Girls Weekend! We have not planned this yet, but my Maid of Honor, Anna and Matron of Honor, Heather are thinking about the beach. Which I will be fully please with.

-Bridesmaids Luncheon, May: Traditionally the most elegant and Southern luncheon for the bridesmaids and I.  We are having it outside and using antique doors as out tables and so forth.....

-WEDDING DAY, May 29th: Ahhhhhhh.... I can't believe its only 4 months away. Holy cow, it will be here before we know it. We haven't made a for sure decision on our honeymoon spot yet. We have many, many, many ideas and thoughts in our heads. We for sure want to go "South" but we are waiting till we finish the house to see how much we have left to splurge for the amazing honeymoon we are wanting to have. We will be staying in our house the night of the wedding and going to leave out that Sunday morning for the airport. But it will be the FIRST time in our new house together! Sweet, right?

Honeymoon, June: Islands....somewhere out there, unsure. Here are the possibilities: St. Lucia, Antigua, Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Turks and Cacios.

More exciting events to come!!!!

Rhett and I spent out New Years Eve, with my sister, Anna and her boyfriend, Nick. Rhett had worked all day on our house so I was thankful for him to even go out that night with me. I knew he was super tired but we all went to Sumo's, Japanese steak house in Rome, GA. Then went back to Rhett's and watched the ball drop on T.V.  and I went home and was in bed before 12.
New Year's Day, my family has a dinner and we eat all the New Year's food; collar greens (money) , black eye peas (change), ham, and cornbread. I am looking forward to seeing what this year, 2011, has in store for us.

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