Thursday, January 5, 2012

a little late... but here it is

okay.... I'm a little late with blogging about my resolutions for 2012... school has started so Jessica has been consumed with lesson plans but now since it is the end of the week, I've had time to think and here it is....

Resolution 1:
Spend more time with God. I got a new devotional book for Christmas from my mother and I started it Wednesday. The book, "The Power of a Praying Wife". I don't understand why I struggle with prayer, I just do. It's my weakness.... I seem to get on a role and then BAM life hits me and I forget or I start and my mind wonders, God knows that this is my weakness and I have been praying to strengthen myself in this area.

Resolution 2:
Get myself into shape and eating healthier!!!!! I started Wednesday with maintaining a healthier diet, started off with taking my lunch to school. Pita, an orange, and baked pita chips with of course water!!! so far, so good... I PRAY this stays this way. I wanted to consume more water, also. While teaching I often tend to forget about myself.... drink that water Jessica. I have gave a classroom job to one student in each class of mine to remind Mrs. Walker to drink water. haha, this may seem goofy, but its been working! I've been "downin' that water". Rhett and I are joining the local gym next Monday and I am PUMPED! This will be the first time, EVER, that Rhett & I will be working out together, let's hope it all goes well. I think it will....

Resolution 3:
Laying off the technology... yes, this is definitely a hard resolution but I need to do this. I tend to carry my phone around with me like its my baby. I check e-mail, facebook, twitter, texts, weather, and basically everything. If it is not my phone, I am on the computer... if it isn't that I am playing Zumba (which I love) on our new Xbox Kinect. I want to have more quality "rhett & jessica" time and even more "me" time. I am joining the local home-makers club and the end of the month. If the name doesn't tell it all, you basically learn to do more "homey" things. like.. cooking, quilting, painting, and anything they basically did back in the "Little House on the Prairie" days. But don't get me wrong... I am tee-totally pumped about this.

Resolution 4:
COOKING, or I shall say cooking more and trying new recipes. Rhett and I seem to get stuck on the same basic foods, I am ready to branch out. One of my students got me the book, "Paula Dean's Cooking Bible". I have already went through and highlighted the new recipes I want to try out this month.  I am very thankful to have a husband to help out in the kitchen. He has his specialities and I have mine; therefore, we just stick with them.... let's go Jessica!

Resolution 5:
Thoughtful.... yes I said it... which not to "toot" my own horn, but I already think I'm a thoughtful person, but I need to do more thoughtful things for others. I have realized over Christmas break how pumped I get when I get Christmas cards in the mail. I want to send out more cards and letters to my church family, friends in other states, calling others...rather than shooting them a text or chat. I am starting to cook for a family once a month, whether it be our pastor and his family, friends, family, or others. (This is why I want to try new recipes, haha. )

Resolution 6:
saying NO... believe it or not this is hard, very hard, for me. This starts with saying "no" to shoes (that I don't need), clothes, jewelry, handbags, and etc. but also saying "no" to others. I tend get suckered into things... at school, staying late and helping out, doing a thousands things all in one day, working extra (which I love, but I know I need to spend some time with family), and so forth. I tend to say, "I can help with that, or I'll do that" then before I know it, I am staying up late working on things, when I need to be in bed. I got to take a stand and look out for myself and others. Don't get me wrong, I loveeeee to start new things and help out with them but sometimes I need a break.

Resolution 7:
Taking care of myself.... yes, I will admit I have trouble with taking my make-up off at night. I'll go into the bathroom and brush my teeth but get into lazy mode and head to bed. I have got to take this make-up off, or else I'll have a yucky ugly face by the time I'm 40. I need to take care of my feet, I like to wear my cute shoes to teach in for 8 hours and then come home and they are killing me. The next morning is even worse, my feet get swollen and then they get tender. I have invested in some shoes which I call my "maw-maw shoes" but I think they are stylish, Born's??? They are ahhhh-mazing! Every now and then I do wear my boots and wedges but a teacher has to be a teacher and not worry about those stylish shoes.

Resolution 8:
Dr. Pepper, needs to be eliminated! Even though I only drink one a day, I want to be strictly a water drinker. I have had a time with getting rid of the Dr. Pepper, Rhett has even started drinking Mt. Dew and I even stopped the other day at the convenient store, just to get a can Dr. Pepper. Oh yeah, I just drink out of a can, no other way.... helppppp me. Any suggestions?

Resolution 9:
Blog face-lift.... yes, I know... I am in desperate need of one! Please help me.... I have found Blue Lux... but I need one ASAP... Leave me a comment, email me, call me, I need a face-lift on this blog. I am also looking for a new title.... Just the Two of Us... well it just doesn't suit Rhett and I! Any suggestions?

Resolution 10:
TRAVEL! TRAVEL! TRAVEL! Rhett and I are excited about traveling and since we're married it makes it easier. For our, 1 year anniversary we will be staying in Savanna, Ga. I haven't been there since I was in middle school and my Great Aunt & Uncle lived there. Also we will be traveling to Houston, Texas during our spring break to visit Rhett's Uncle Greg. This summer we have a whirlwind of places to go and new people to meet. Any particular place that you love let me know and we would love to visit.

Resolution 11:
BLOGGING more! I think over the last month I have done a tremendous job at bloggin' more but I need to know what interest YOU! You're the readers on this blog... I know you just love hearing all about my life (ha) but what else would you be interested in? Maybe after a new blog face-lift I will begin to feel the love on this blog... haha. Wish me luck!

Resolution 12:
Date nights... Rhett and I need more date nights. We start off saying we are going to go out once a month but end up staying at home on a Friday night or doing something with friends. We have decided that Friday nights will be "our" night. I am super excited! I can't wait to have "my" time with my hubby!

Happy 2012! I'll let you in on a little secret.... I have started to pray for all my blogger friends. I may not know you personally but my God sure does! Have a fabulous weekend! I have a big weekend coming up, hope to hear from you all soon!


  1. Jonathan and I just started reading The Power of a Praying Wife & The Power of a Praying Husband a few days ago! So neat your reading it too! Yay! We can chat about it :)

    You're going to LOVE working out with your hubby! It is so much fun!

  2. I love all your resolutions! Have you been on The Pioneer Womans' cooking blog? Amazing! I've tried several of her recipes & they are to do for! Also, I just had a blog facelift from Elizabeth at The Mustard Ceiling. She's so awesome to work with.

    I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines!

  3. I love your resolutions, Jessica!
    & I love that you and Rhett are coming to Savannah for your one year anniversary! That's where I'm from, what do y'all have in mind to do- Savannah is so beautiful!

    I too, am in a cooking rut. That's one of my resolutions is to make a weekly menu therefore I dont find myself cooking the same stuff. We will see. I definitely appreciate my mom more & more everyday - Being a wife is a lot of energy {good energy}.. I can only imagine toping it off with three children.

    Can't wait to see your "Accessory Swap" post in a few days - Your partner Aly is gonna be fun, I love her!

  4. Oh and DAte Nights --- YES! Always, even if they are just a 'staycation' meaning at home, dates nights are so important.

    We just went ice skating last night for $7, it was great!

    Very Important♥

  5. Jessica, I just happened upon your blog and it is too cute!! I loved this post on will do great and I wish you the best of luck in 2012 :) I started an ACTS journal again (I hadn't since senior year of HS) I am hoping to keep this up throughout the year to increase my prayer time, so far so good! Thank you for your sweet conclusion, I love that you pray for your blogging friends...I will add all of you too my prayer list too! Have a wonderful week!!
    Twirling Clare

  6. I love The Power of a Praying Wife - I have the devotional. Prayer has always been something I've struggled with too! It makes me realize how important it is to pray for my man & our marriage. Love the resolutions!

    Much love,

  7. Live your resolutions! Especially blogging more...can't wait!:)

  8. thanks for linking up with us... happy to have you :)