Monday, January 16, 2012

Accessory Swap Reveal

This was my very FIRST blog "swap". I definately enjoyed it, and now will be searching for more to link up too.

I got paired with a beautiful young lady, Aly, at analyze this. We had a lot in common so she was easy to buy for. I really enjoyed shopping for her. Even though I got my shopping done early, I kept on running out of time to mail my package to Aly. I received an email from her and she was running late too on the mailing process...thank goodness we were in the same boat. My package arrived Saturday and I was like a kid on Christmas. I had to open it immediately!!! Check out all my goodies, she definitely spoiled me. Thank you Aly for all the wonderful accessories!

and a BIG thank you to Jessica, at Stilettoes & a fishing pole for hosting this accessory swap. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 


  1. you did get spoiled! I love that nail polish color! so cute!!

    it's so fun to link up and meet everyone :)

  2. We got the same nail polish!!! That scarf is SO cute, I want it! :)
    I love Aly, she has great style & taste! I saw your goodies to her & loved them as well!

    So happy you signed up & are looking to join in on more. I want to start doing more swaps, so I hope to see you again! :)

  3. I'm soooo glad that you loved all your stuff!! :) I almost didn't put the earrings in the box because I wanted them, but they were the last pair at F21!! Boo!!!

    I had a great time shopping for you! :) Xoxo

  4. How fun! Looks like you got some awesome gifts! I'd love to participate in a swap one day....