Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I know I am a little late but finally had some "down" time to blog.
This weekend has been one of the best ones in a while.... wonder why? I got to spend 3 entire days with my wonderful hubby. Which is rare because we both are usually way too busy to just sit around the house and actually spend quality time together, like  we got too have!

Friday afternoon my mother got off work early and we took a girls trip to Rome to go to Sam's, grocery shopping. I unloaded all my groceries and cooked a yummy dinner for my hubby who had been working on building a new fence in the hayfield behind our house. I have learned so much since moving from city life to country to properly put up a fence. yippie dog, right? I fixed a baked ham, macroni & cheese, and green beans and even made some sweet tea :) We ate and cuddle up on the couch for a movie.... The Hangover 2. We laughed and laughed... married life doesn't get any better.

Saturday morning I woke up and had to run a few errands in town (which is a 10 minute drive) and I even had time to stop by the ladies boutique I work at on the weekends, The Willow Tree, to find a last minute outfit for New Years Eve.... best of the stop was it was 50% off. Way to go, Jessica!!!
I made it home in time to iron Rhett's outfit and get a shower and ready myself up for the night out.
We met my three friends from college and their mates at a Japanese Steakhouse in Jacksonville.

Anna & Adam

Rhett & I

Holly & Eric

Kristen & her dates. Stephanie (Kristen's sister & her friend) Kristen's boyfriend had to work....

how funny is this.... we were talking about our tights & how high we wear them... check my stance (pulling those tights on up).

Glad I got to spend my New Years with these girls!

We headed to Holly & Eric's house to play games and ring in the new year.

Sunday: We slept later than usual, due to coming home at 2am... (well worth the Phase 10 game, though) We did make it to church! Afterwards, went to my grandparents house for the traditional new years dinner. Collard greens, black-eyed peas, green beans, macroni&cheese, chicken fingers, and steak.... also had delicious desserts too. Came home in enough time to practice some new songs for church and to take a nap before going back to church.
Today: Rhett and I broke a record.... we slept in till 10:30!!!!! goodness gracious, this is not like us.... but oh, how it felt so good knowing that you didn't have anywhere to be. We got up and cleaned up the house. I did some laundry. I went to my classroom to clean and rearrange some things before inservice day tomorrow. Rhett called me to tell me that Skylar & Kayla (our friends) were coming up to eat dinner for us. I came home to find Rhett in the kitchen already preparing the food for tonight. I thought, gosh, I am one lucky lady!
Rhett soaking the chicken fingers to fry them... (not a healthy meal, but it's his favorite meal to cook. I give in every once in a while to let him cook it.)

rhett's southern FRIED chicken (check it out, more bread)

the deep fryer & green beans cooking

the chef for tonight making macroni & cheese

Overall, we have had a good start to the new year! I've got to do my work-out for tonight. I will post my new year resolutions tomorrow. Hope you all had a fabulous NYE!


  1. looks like a great weekend! and i LOVE Phase 10!

  2. Oh I love your kitchen! Is that a tin roof? {mouth drop}