Saturday, January 28, 2012

cupcakes and more

My dear friend, Anna, who teaches in the same grade as I do as just recently got into a new obsession...making cupcakes. My, oh my, these cupcakes she makes are ten times better than any bakery. Which I've only tried three of the ones she has made, but nevertheless, she was born to bake cupcakes! Not only does she bakes the cupcakes but she is a fabulous decorator and very creative at it. Check out her raspberry white velvet cupcake that she surprised me with at school the other day.
This one is her Peanut Butter with Chocolate inside cupcake.

More to come with Anna's cupcakes!!!! Stay on the look-out, these bad boys are delicious!

I am BACK!!!! Whew, with all these basketball games (3 this week) has taken a toil on my body! I have made it to the gym 3 times this week, whoo-hoo!!! Which is the reason I am lacking on blogging... but this week is the last week for basketball games, bittersweet! My first year coaching cheerleading is about over, whew, how it went by so fast!!!!
ANYWAYS, today is my first Saturday off this month, and I am pumped! I have cleaned house, went to the gym, and we have a date night tonight! Can you say excited? I am! Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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