Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Down to 3 Days

I have been super busy with all the last minute "stuff" to do for the wedding. I can not believe our wedding is here...this SATURDAY! I am looking forward to this wonderful day. I have been, along with many others...praying for no rain, since it is an outdoor wedding...please send up a special little prayer for us.  My future mother-in-law has been working non stop, bless her heart. Since we are having the wedding at her house, they have planted more flowers, grass-seed, pressure washed the house ,re-painted, weed-eated the yard numerous times, mowed the yard, and much much more. I am blessed to have her and Mr. Larry as my soon-to-be in-laws they have worked hard to make this wedding beautiful. My mom, dad, and sister have been on the other end of things. Mom has been running her self to death with food preperation, decorations, and making sure everyone who is suppose to help is coming. Dad, has been the one having to run all the errands while still making time for a golf game with his buds. My sister, has been my personal slave, for the last month. I have told her over and over again.... I will do the same for you plus more when you get married. My family from out of town came in this past Saturday and they have been helping tremendously. I am absolutely blessed to have such a wonderful family who is willing to go an EXTRA mile to make this wedding day perfect for the both of us. I will post lots and lots of pictures once I get back from our honeymoon and cheerleading camp. Prepare yourself.....

ANTIGUA here we come! 

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