Tuesday, May 10, 2011

all at once.

Everything is happening so FAST! I can not believe my wedding will be here in 17 days....I will officially be Mrs. Walker.

This weekend, Bachlorette Party in Panama City Beach. There are 7 girls who are attending this special weekend with me...and we will definitely make a weekend to remember! We are leaving Friday morning and will be coming home Sunday afternoon. I am ready for a weekend getaway. It is definitely needed.

This past week, a couple close friends and I have been working on my programs. They are almost completed. I will work on the last few tomorrow morning. All I have MAJOR left to finish is the slide show presentation for the rehearsal dinner. I want to thank everyone who has helped and I am blessed to have so many people who care and love Rhett and I to help out with the wedding projects.

Update on job hunting....I have been substituting EVERYDAY, which is a blessing in itself. I know my Heavenly Father has a special plan for me and I am looking forward for the reveal. I am job hunting next week. I have taken some days away from subbing to search for ...the big "J" word. *Wish me luck*

I am hoping to update with pictures from the house, which looks amazing, as soon as I get back from the beach. Hang in there...I promise. 

I have been coaching the Cherokee County Varsity cheerleaders... we are working our tails off to prepare for camp, which is two days after I come back from the Honeymoon....yes, I will be headed to the beach again for camp with the girls.... Rhett and I have been staying SUPER busy with everything, I think we are both ready for Antigua.  Just keep us and our families in your prayers.

Have A Terrific  Tuesday!

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  1. Good Luck with the "J" word! Have fun and be careful at the beach!