Thursday, March 24, 2011

Update on the Walker House

First off,  being a student teacher in the fourth grade calls for ARMT/SAT review this week. The kids will take these test all next week, bless their hearts. I am praying now for positive results on these test. The test these days are important to the teacher, principal, higher administration, and to the state of Alabama. We, teachers, have a huge role to take on when we begin practing for the tests. We have to make sure we have covered every subject and every particular item that might be on these test before March. I pray that these kiddos will do their best and put everything we have taught them into it.

Anyways, I will STOP with the "school" talk. It has been hectic and crazy all at the same time. I am been trying to spend more time with my hubby to be, Rhett, this week especially because he has been putting up our walls for the house. I have been helping him with his school work, lesson plans, and wedding "stuff" so he can put all his work into the house. The house is really coming along....we have walls!! No more 2 x 4's and looking through them to see into the next room. I am getting excited! This weekend we will be painting the walls. I can not believe it is getting so close and before long the house will be complete. Rhett and I have decided to Go Green, and use only two colors throughout our house. In our living room, kitchen, and bathroom we are painting it, Olive Branch. In our bedroom and closet we are painting it, Driftwood. Both colors are from Benjamin Moore and I found them while looking at items on Pottery Barn and I feel in love with both of these colors. The colors satisfied Rhett and I and so we went Monday night and pick the colors out and bought 4 gallons of Olive Branch and 3 gallons of Driftwood. I am excited to actual "work" in the house this weekend. I will be the primer gal' and Rhett is such a excellent painter he will apply the actual paint on the walls.

Olive Branch


*My house pictures are downloaded on Rhett's computer; therefore, I will post pictures tomorrow night.

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