Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring is Near

WOW!!!! Can you believe Spring is almost here, holy moly! I have so much to do in so little amount of time. March is flying by, ever so rapidly. My teaching days are wrapping up and school assignments are almost ALL completed and now I am trying to pace myself and enjoy planning my wedding.

SPRING BREAK is here.... and with almost 2 months away, I have several things I have to do for my wedding. I bet you can only guess what I will be doing this spring break. Ha! I am feeling bullets to list everything.....

  •  Wedding shoes: I have found some on DSW but still just making sure those are the perfect ones for my dress.
  • Songs for reception:  I have got to create me a complete NEW wedding songs list for my D.J. because last week my computer crashed and everything, basically my LIFE, was on it. Now I bum off the parents and sister computers to complete everything. If you know of any new or good songs for my wedding reception please leave a comment below. (I beg of you. This would help me out.) 
  • Take pictures of "THE WALKER HOUSE"
  • Find sparklers in a bulk for when we leave the reception
  • Clean my complete closet out: This will be tough for me because some things will just have to depart from me to fit into this new house. I am determined though.
  • Move all Christmas shower gifts and storage containers into new house.
  • Spend a night with my grandparents
  • Shopping with Nana
  • Print off pictures of Rhett and I for the luncheon and wedding reception decorations
  • Find my jewelry for my wedding
  • Have a practice run with my hairdresser for the wedding
  • TAN
  • Camping with Amanda, Jena, and Ashley
  • Making up dance with Haleigh for wedding reception
  • Draw Aunt Mary a picture of the wedding cake
  • Auburn with FMIL to see Heather and attempt a Pure Barre class
  • Go through all future school supplies and organize them into specific storage containers
  • Make signs on wood for wedding (Rhett will hopefully already have the wood cut)
  • RUN to continue my practice for my first 5K
Happy Spring Break!!!

-What are your plans for Spring Break?

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  1. I did alot of DIY projects for my wedding! I had a bridesmaid night every Tuesday night 2 months for my wedding! I would feed them dinner and they would help me with all the THINGS I needed to do!! Good luck! We also made the wooden signs-you can see some of them on my blog under the post "A Trip Down Memory Lane" I had about 20 around the venue!