Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Been Ages

Last week was Spring Break and my friends and I decided to go on a camping trip, to end the week of with a BANG! Wednesday we packed up enough clothes to stay for 2-3 days. Luckily, Amanda's parents have a camper and we did not have to rough it in a tent. We all met in Guntersville and followed her dad with the camper to the campground. I was very impressed with the amount of people who were camping also. We got the camper all set up and her Dad did most of the handy work while we set up the chairs and cleaned a bit. Amanda and I were super excited about camping and starting a fire and roasting marsh mellows while Jena and Ashley were on their way. We got the wood all together in the fire pit and then.... we had no way of lighting it. We got in the car and hurried off to the store about 5 minutes away to get a lighter; nevertheless, we received bad news...the store was CLOSED. We sat outside and made self-timing pictures together until Jena and Ashley arrived.
The Fire Pit

Check out all the campers

Ashley and Jena finally arrived and we sat inside and chatted till we recieved a special visitor, Amanda's Dad. He came by to check on us and he brought a lighter and he fixed our television. Thank you Mr. Bruce! Later that night we made a fire and sat around it and had a cup of coffee. We went to bed pretty early considering four girls who love to talk.

We all got a good night's rest and got up, took showers (at the local bath houses), and got ready for a fun filled day at Guntersville State Park. Ashley and I packed first aid kits and made sure we had our backpacks loaded in case anything happened. Of course, we loaded our backpacks down with crackers and water. Four girls hiking, it was a load of fun!
Amanda and Jena and their hiking hats

Amanda, Me, Jena, and Ashley

 Waterfall Trail, hoping to see a beautiful waterfall

Amanda, Jena, and Ash were ready to go on the hike

We had to follow the yellow dots/signs

Amanda and Ash were parting the "Red Sea"

The "HUGE" Beautiful Waterfall

Jena taking a drink of fresh water

Ashley was the light for the camera, haha!

Amanda added this lovely pine branch accessory to my ponytail

Which way? That way!

Jack and Rose

The trail

We decided to take on another trail

Don't jump on the ledge!

Jena and Ash rock climbing

Amanda and I try walking on this dead broken tree

After our hiking trip, we came back to the camp ground and grilled out....hamburgers and hot dogs

Amanda and I enjoying the sunset

Ash was a GREAT chef!

Molly Bolly came to camp with us. She brought us everything needed to make smores.

Amanda and Ash roasting their marsh mellows

My marsh mellow

What would camping be without a delicious smore.

IT'S BEEN AGGESSSS, since I have been camping and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My friends and I had a great time. We relaxed, exercised, tanned, enjoyed God's beauty, and spent quality time GIRL time together.

Where are some other great spots to camp?

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