Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving my Spring Break week.... spending time with family and friends. Plus, doing a little spring cleaning!

I'm loving this adorable flower pot arrangement, it would look nice on my front porch.

I'm loving that our church Easter Egg Hunt is this Sunday, ready to win! haha!

I'm loving the fact that we only have two more months till SUMMER, whoo-hoo!

I'm loving this new duo, they are amazing. They gave me chill bumps!

I'm loving my Pinterest finds this morning, Spring is here! 

I'm loving that I got to workout with my mom this week.

I'm loving that I can stay in my shorts and t-shirt all day today, without putting on any make-up!

I'm loving PANDORA, its my only hope to finish my spring cleaning today.

I'm loving this beautiful weather!

I'm loving Zach Reeder's voice. He did an amazing job singing, finalist in the top 4!
Check it out....Zach Reeder

I'm loving my Volatile wedges.

I'm loving that I have watched every episode of Ellen this week.

I'm loving Bird Nest cookies that I am making for Sunday.

I'm loving my boy, Justin Bieber's new hit! Just get on up and dance! (had to leave you guys with a pumped song)

Have a wonderful Wedneday!


  1. Love those bird nests! I'm on sb too. Much much needed!! :) Have a good rest of the week!!

  2. I wish I was back on spring break! I'm on the official summer countdown but not looking forward to packing up all my teaching stuff at the end of the year.

  3. I was lovin' my spring break last week too!! I'm so sad it's over now but summer's right around the corner! Just wanted to leave you a little love...can't wait to keep reading :)