Monday, November 7, 2011

Be Thankful

These past two nights, have been a little different in the Walker household.

Rhett and I exchanged duty roles....

How'd it go????

Rhett needed some SERIOUS help with his lesson plan (those educators out there know how long those things are), anyways.....Who ends up doing the lesson plan....ding ding ding, JESSICA! The trade out begins, last night after church I needed to finish up with some school work to prepare for this upcoming week at school with creating powerpoint presentations, projects, grade test, and create example work to show the students. Nevertheless, all of 'that' got put to a halt when Rhett needed this lesson plan to be completed by the middle of the week. Last night, I came home sat at the computer desk and work my hands to death typing up the lesson plan...meantime Rhett decided to just sit back, relax, and watch him some Walker, Texas Ranger.... HOLD UP! Nooooo noooo noooooo, I just let Rhett gander at his wifey working hard on HIS lesson plan... finally I think I made the point. He decided to ask me what he could help with, well the list started (haha, joking) I told him he could prepare dinner for us. Since neither of us have ate since lunch due to all the busy Sundays with the Walkers. Rhett decided to cook hamburger helper, yummy, right? He worked on that while I'm typing away... Rhett soon has the meal prepared, thankful  that I do have a wonderful husband who will help cook dinner. I took a break from the lesson plan to eat the meal. I was starving, with that being said, I spooned up a big bite of hamburger helper. I knew right off the bat, it smelt sweeter than normal, but knew Rhett might have put an extra spice in it, oh wait... better yet... I asked Rhett why it has a vanialla, sweet taste. Rhett responds..... I used your milk because the only other milk was Buttermilk. My milk is Vanilla Soy (Silk) milk.... yes my wonderful husband cooked us hamburger helper with vanilla soy milk, can I say scrumpios! Needless to say, I just grabbed a few Ritiz crackers and began typing away again. Bless his heart, but I told him how thankful I am to have a husband just willing to cook. Alot of women couldn't say that.

Let's move on to today....
I got in from school, Rhett had known that I needed to finish his lesson plan. Well, first thing I do is to take my shoes off, relax for about 30 minutes before jumping to do something around the house. Rhett and I both rest. I end up snoozing about 10 minutes (which was fabulous) and Rhett continued to watch Walker, Texas Ranger. When I woke up... my dear husband had started cooking. Smelt delicious....I asked what he was cooking.... cube steak, green beans, and macroni & cheese (heck yes!) I immediately hurried off to the computer desk to complete his lesson plan. By the time I completed his lesson plan, dinner was ready. Let me just express to you all how delicious this meal was.... my nana couldn't have fixed better, with that being said Rhett out did himself tonight! He even offered to get my Christmas totes (approximately 15) down from the attic before he went and played basketball with the guys. After all, I am a super blessed wife tonight! I have cleaned the house and placed all my totes to the side so I can decorate this weekend and ready to thank my husband for all the wonderful things he does just to make me happy.

Moral of this story:
Trading places after all wasn't such a bad idea.... It made me realize how thankful I am for my husband!

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