Sunday, November 21, 2010

Important Announcement

Rhett and I have been doing ALOT of talking about out future and what all we want in life. That statement brings me to say... we've moved up our wedding date a whole year. Rhett and I will be getting married this May of 2011. First off, I was quite hesitant and I started thinking and realized it's not all about the glitz and glamour it is about our LOVE for each other. We have a vision to what we want our wedding to look like and all I have to say is I have ALOT of planning, shopping, and decorating to do. I am going to try my best to blog as much as I can about the whole wedding process because I know that one day after the wedding is all over I want to go back and read all my older posts and to realize how much time and effort I put in it to see if anything changed or if my plans stayed the same.
Color Scheme: Blush pink, black, silver, white. (Springish)
Here is a few ideas I have in mind:
Bridesmaid Dresses (J.Crew)

Outside Reception

Old Fashion Postcards (Thank You Cards)

Table Ideas

Flower Girls Head piece

Umbrellas (in case of rain)

This is just some ideas I have for the wedding. I ask, you all, to please keep us ALL in your prayers for this wedding. If anyone has any ideas or to where I can find: mason jars, old window pane, and etc. just e-mail at Thanks! Everything is greatly appreciated.


  1. I will for sure be praying for you guys as you work on plans for the big day. I'll let you know if I find anywhere that sell mason jars. How many window panes will you be needing? You may have to go to antique stores to get those. I'm still super excited for you! I can't wait to read all the posts about wedding plans. I know it will be beautiful!

  2. I saw mason jars at Wal-mat. As I passed by them I was like, wait a minute......mason jars, mason jars, why do these stick out to me. Now I remember that I read this post so, mason jars are at Wal-mart!