Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Other Story

 Okay, so there is a whole other story to how Rhett and I met or shall I say end up together.
I was working at Belk, in Gadsden, in the Women's Department that carried Nine West, Karen Kane, Sophie Max, and more... but its called Better Sportswear. Anyways, Rhett's mother was shopping and I was  trying to be a good employee to Belk and I tried to help out my customer or at least speak to them and ask if they needed help with anything. I was at my counter, check out station, and Rhett's mother came up to the check out counter to ask me a question. I still remember what that question was. She had asked me which capri's I liked better, it was between a simple pair of capri's or a pair of zebra striped ones. I, of course, picked the zebra striped ones. Mrs. Cathi, Rhett's mother, decides to get the ones I picked out. As I was checking her out we had a causal talk about things. I have casual conversations with most customers because I like to get to know who they are and where there from. She had asked me questions, like where was at going to school at and so forth. She mentioned that her son was attending Southern Union but was moving back to go to Gadsden State Community College that upcoming year.She told me she was going to send her son to come back up to meet me. After she had left I never thought nothing else about her. Many women have said that to me but not do anything about it so I didn't think twice about having Mrs. Cathi as my customer that day. Needless to say Mrs. Cathi came back when I wasn't at work and asked other employee, who worked where I did, my name so she could get her son to meet me. ha ha! I laugh because this story is just so sweet. :) This whole time Mrs. Cathi didn't mention her sons name. So few months past and I end up on the lake with Rhett and meeting him for the first time and so on... he found out I worked at Belk in Gadsden and he pulled me up on facebook and asked his mother if I was the Jessica she had mentioned to go down to meet. Doesn't God work in so many ways. I love it. So when I went to meet Rhett's parents for the first time I automatically recognized Mrs. Cathi and new that it was that lady from Belk who wanted her son to meet me. Such a small world. So now Mrs. Cathi takes credit for hooking Rhett and I up, but Rhett just tells her that he found me first. I love it.

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