Sunday, September 26, 2010

Engagement, Part 1

First, just let me warn you this post might be quite long; however, sit back & enjoy reading how Rhett popped "THE" question. It was on Saturday, September 11, 2010. I had so far a relaxing Saturday cleaning house, doing my chores that I've been doing since like middle school, school work, and catching up on my yoga sessions. Rhett had told me that Heather & Jason were coming home from Auburn to come and visit and Heather also had a Willow House party on that Saturday.Before that day I got a babysitting offer to babysit for one of my professors in college on "that" Saturday. I had told Rhett if we were just going out to eat with Heather & Jason and then watching football for the rest of the night then I was just going to babysit and make a little money. Oh no, Rhett insisted on me going on a double date with them. Oh yeah, the reason I had no idea that he had the RING is because we went down to Auburn the weekend before for the first Auburn game and we had went to Wares Jewelers and looked at rings.
Auburn's 1st game

 Anyways, I just thought maybe it was just me being selfish and wanting a little bit of spending money then to watch football. I ended up turning down the babysitting offer. Well I was getting ready to go to Heather's Willow House party because I haven't been to a party since I have started doing it and I thought I could learn some things from her. For some reason that day it felt like it took hours for me to get ready. I mean, I had to re-wet my hair twice because it had already dried wavy twice and I needed it to be straight. I had my mother who had been shopping that morning, come home and wanted to show me her new clothes that she had bought. Finally, I ended up getting out the door an hour later then I thought I would have. I drove up to Centre to Heather's Willow House party and it was a fun, come and go party. After the party was over Heather and I was going to to go over to Mr. Hyche's (Rhett's former principle)lake house because Rhett had went water skiing with him. Heather's husband, Jason, had been on a dove hunt all morning and he was suppose to meet us over there so we could all combine into one car and drive to Sumo's. (That's where I thought we were going that night, anyways.) I get out of my car and it was sprinkling and I am already worried because I had straightened my hair and if rain hits it then it looks just horrible. Luckily, Rhett had replaced my broken umbrella with a huge red&white one the following week before because I was in desperate need of one if it rained while walking to class. Rhett gets the umbrella out of my car and he told me he needed to show me something he had done.
My mind automatically thinks the worst and I thought he skied into the pier and broke something. I was wrong. He told me to face the lake and I couldn't turn around so still nothing goes through my mind about this is it or anything. He asked me to turn around and he had made me a picture out of an old window pane.
Will (wagonwheel) You (Jessica) Marry (rings) Me(Rhett)?
I was thought well I have been looking for just the right thing to hang up above my bed and that this was the perfect size. He asked me, "Jessica, whats is the left hand corner?"... I said, "Well a wagon wheel." At this point, I am still clueless. He said, "okay, what about the lower left hand corner." I studied the picture pretty hard and then it hit me. My heart started racing, I was like oh my goodness, this is where I had always wish Rhett would purposed to me at because that is where we first met. After I noticed that in that picture, it was a picture of rings, I turned and looked at Rhett and there he was down on one knee.
I still get the butterflies when I think about this. He asked me, JESSICA POPE to marry him. I can't tell you what amazing feeling this is. I mean it's a.... praise report, an answered prayer,..etc,. this is who I am going to spend the rest of my life with. He is an all-around ,amazing guy. Of course, I am balling my eyes out and trying to let the words, Y-E-S to come out of my mouth. 
I just love this picture! Rhett did such a great job with designing the ring. I was highly impressed. Thank you so much for my beautiful ring, Rhett. I love you! Wow I can't believe I actually have a finance' and no longer a boyfriend. It sounds weird when I tell people that I have a finance'... It sounds so growny and  I LOVE it.
Heather, the whole time I thought was sitting in her car waiting on her husband, Jason, but he was being little miss paparazzi. He came down the the pier and congratulated us and then she wanted to take more pictures. I am so thankful to have such a great future sister-in-law who has a magnificent camera and was willing to take tons and tons of pictures and actually captured my whole engagement process.


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