Tuesday, September 14, 2010


All the way back to April 2008. I would've never thought that day I would be meeting the man I would be marrying. It was on a Saturday morning. I was at the gym, working out, when my best friend from high school called and asked me to go out on Weiss Lake with her and some friends. By the way, when I go to the gym I don't look so fresh...which means no make-up and oily hair. She told me a specific time to meet her in Centre. I had barely enough time to go by my house and grab a swim suit and a towel. When I was headed to Centre, I wasn't so concerned about meeting a new guy because at that time I had been trying to date this guy so other guys were out of the picture. I arrived in Centre, followed Lyndsey over to the lake lot which belonged to a former principal from Centre. We got on the boat and there was some people on the boat, guys that is, who I didn't really seem to be interested in. We ride around for a couple of hours then we were headed back to the lake lot, to pick up some more people. Long and behold in the mixture of those people was Rhett, my future husband. Wow! I can actually say that now and it be for real. Anyways, Rhett and his three guy friends were home from college and decided to go out on the lake to ski and have some fun. This was when I was thankful for my huge, RayBan, sunglasses which hid the no make-up look I had going on. All the guys were pretty good-looking but Rhett just stood out. He was unique, I think it was just a sign from the good Lord above. Anyways it was time to go, the sun was setting and we had to wrap things up. Rhett and his friends had asked me and Lyndsey to go eat in town. I, of course, said no because I really was concerned with another guy at the time. So I didn't think much about that Rhett guy I met at the lake. A couple weeks went by and I got a text message one day and it was Rhett. He had gotten my number from Lyndsey. I had ended the other fling I thought was something but it was just a friendship. I invited Rhett to come over to a slip-n-slide party at my friend, Lyndsey's house. He and some friends ended up coming and we all had a blast. That night he and his friend asked me and my friend on a double date to the Drive-Ins. Want to know what movie we went and watched? Don't ask me...ha ha, because Rhett and I just talked for hours. We just connected so well and it seemed like we were raised the same way and we had to the same religious beliefs, which is very important to me. Finding a guy who loves the Lord as much as you do is hard to find these days, and I found one. But to finish the story up...that night he asked me to come and celebrate Memorial Day, May 31st at his house with his WHOLE family. That day he came and picked me up, met my parents, and then I got to meet his(that is a whole other story). We had such a great time. That night after he took me home he asked me to become his girlfriend. At that time I thought that moment was the happiest moment of my life. Who knew this past Saturday would've topped it. Meeting Rhett's family is a whole other story. It's a very small world and God has his all mighty hand in it too.
               This is a picture during the first month we were together. We loved the lake and still do!

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