Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New addition

Rhett and I have exciting news......

We are parents to two sweet baby girl KITTENS!!!!
Tabby and Katie they are beautiful! I wanted a pet for in the house especially since I have this summer to train a pet... However, I asked for a puppy. Needless to I settled for kittens. I have already fallen in love with them. They have been so fun to watch especially since Rhett has started 2nd shift. I settle for a nice glass of wine and a night with the girls, Katie and Tabby. Meet the girls....


  1. The beau and I are getting our first kitten at the end of July, but I keep wanting to rush things! These are too cute and not helping my patience haha! They're just precious!

  2. They are precious! You'll have so much fun with them this summer!

  3. Ah so cute! My brothers GF is getting a kitty when she moves here, it sure what our dog will think of it!!

  4. Those kittens are so cute! It's nice to have a pets to keep you company!