Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life lately.....

Well it's been close to three months since I've blogged, life has been busy!!!!

January was filled with basketball, basketball, basketball.... Considering I am the cheerleading coach, full-time underpaid job that I do!!!! Haha our basketball team went all he way to regionals, super job ladies. But honestly I was ready for an end. While sitting at games two- four nights a week, cooking dinner for my working man, and preparing for my half marathon in February... Life has been tough!
February, BIRTHDAY month!!!! I celebrated my birthday with my precious hubs, at Harvest Moon cafe in Rome, Ga. Awesome atmosphere plus awesome moon roof bar! We left the next weekend for Disney World.... I can't believe it was time.... I had 100 emotions running through my mind during our 8 hour drive. Luckily, I did have a friend who ran it last yet to help calm me and to help me know what to expect throughout my run. We got to enjoy the parks Friday and Saturday and then BAM.... Sunday was here, 215am alarm went off... We left our hotel by 3am. Walking in to Epcot by 330am along with 25,000 other crazy princesses!!!! My corral started at 535am and we were off.... I was doing great till about mile 6 my momentum was slowing but then I saw the castle in Magic Kingdom with Cinderella, whom I adore.... Helped out alot. Mile 8... Whew I didn't eat, big mistake but I inhaled all liquids given throughout the race, which helped... I began to see Epcot again... I couldn't give up when I was half way finished... I pushed and pushed myself to keep running. Honestly "forest gump" came to mind a lot. I did enjoy my music and the beautiful weather that God blessed us with that morning. Finally, I crossed the finish line with tears in my eyes and gave Mickey and Minnie and huge hug and I received a nice Princess medal... It was the best feeling in the entire world. I finally saw Rhett and he had me beautiful roses to congratulate me. I'm now addictive to the Princess half in Disney World, hopefully I will be able to run it every year! We had a blast and created so many memories!!!! My beautiful SIL had her baby shower. Baby Scarlett received so many precious gifts I can't wait for her to be here to enjoy them!!!!
March madness.... Truly madness.... I am no longer a high school cheer coach, I have been blessed to work at the school I teach at as there middle school cheer coach. God has his plan and it works out so much better than mine. I love how he works!!!! But we've had tryouts and 14 precious girls... I'm ready for a wonderful cheer season! This transition has been really hard but I know it's only for the best. After surviving those days, I'm looking forward to Spring Break next week!!!!! Rhett and I have been enjoying our weekends together, which I love!!!! God is just so good!!!!!

Btw, my precious Millie is growing so fast, this Friday she will be getting her first hair cut!!!! Ahhhh...

I hope this didn't bore you! :)

Hope you have a great week!

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