Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i'm back

Hello my long lost blog friends!!! I have been very overwhelmed with the things in my life these past few months. Let me just tell you about them......
1. Got a maternity leave teaching job, teaching first grade until Christmas.
2. Cheerleading coach for Cherokee County High School varsity, practicing 3 times a week.
3. Got a job offer at Centre Middle School teaching 6th grade Science, had to turn down the maternity leave in first grade, which it was hard... but I knew the right decision......
4. Prayed, prayed, prayed for the right decision.....
5. Decorated (in one weekend) my new 6th Science classroom
6. Teaching aerobics after church on Sunday and Wednesday nights, which I LOVE!
7. Lesson plans, RTI, lesson plans, RTI, lesson plans, RTI
8. Managing a new classroom and getting to know the students, while learning the school routine as well.
9. Friday night football games, we have had 4 away football games, finally we have some home games!!!
10. Cooking with my family on Tuesday nights, they come up and Mom and I try new recipes.
11. Sold our last Boxer puppy last Saturday :(
12. Saturdays, working at the local boutique in Centre, The Willow Tree.
13. Decorating for FALL
14. Amanda's Birthday Bash
15. Finished picking out pictures from my wedding album
16. Anna and Matthew's engagment party
17. Gatlinburg trip during fall break with my mom and Nana, accomplished alot of Christmas shopping.
18. Getting ready to start blogging again........

As you can tell my life has been a whirlwind, but I love it.....I just wished I had more time to blog, and now I am determined to make TIME!

Here are some follow-up pictures....
Amanda on her 21st birthday!!!!

21 candles on a cupcake.

Shopping in Pigeon Forge

New Fall napkins

My new fireplace that Mr. Larry Walker built (Rhett's dad)

My wonderful cheerleaders during Homecoming game.

Cheerleading picnic

Bye bye Boxer puppies :(

My flowers Rhett got me after I got home from my first day at school.

Heather, me, and Taylor at Anna & Matthew engagement party

Cheer girls again

Amanda'sBirthday Bash!

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