Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Recap!

July has been a super busy month for Rhett and I.
 We started the month out right, celebrating the Fourth of July with some wonderful friends down on the lake.
This delicious, fruit pizza was defiantly ate in one day. I would have to say I had two little girls who helped me with this. Dannah Jo and Kisor placed the fruit on the pizza. Isn't it beautiful?

Hammock Hangout, one of friends and Rhett decided to place several hammock in their backyard down by the lake. They named the backyard, Hammock Hangout.

Rhett skiing off into the sunset.

What a beautiful sunset!

 July 4th weekend,  while watching fireworks down by the lake we received an important phone call. Rhett's Papa called, telling us he is taking Neena to the ER. We didn't ask any questions, we hopped in the truck along with Rhett sister, Heather and her husband, Jason. We took off to Rome to meet Rhett's parents along with Papa. We received bad news as soon as we walked in. The doctor came into the room telling us that Neena will more than likely not make it. We were all in shock. I mean two days before then, Cathi, Rhett's mom, Neena, and I were shopping in Rome for home decor' for my house. On July 3rd, Neena died. (This is a tear jerker) Neena was the most uplifting person to be around. She would give you the shirt off her back just to make sure you had something. She was the sweetest lady and anyone that was ever around her felt her love. The doctors labeled her death as cardiac arrest, but since she had a stroke 15 years ago we think it was another stroke. She was be missed by many people. All she wanted to see was her grandchildren to get married and since she had seen that as of, May 28th. She kept telling Heather and I that now she is looking forward to grandchildren. We miss Neena, but looking forward to seeing her again.
Since that all happened so suddenly, Rhett's uncle whom loves in New Jersey had to drive down the next day. Greg and Dale, decided to stay the rest of the week for all the following events. On the actual 4th of July, I had already planned a get together with Rhett's family and mine so we thought about cancelling it, but Papa stayed strong and still wanted me to have it. It was a time of relief to get out of the house for most of us.

The "flag" cake I made for the 4th of July.

My memo board, from Willow House.

Uncle Greg, Heather, and Rhett

Check out my red, white, and blue flowers I found at the local grocery store, I loved them and had to have them!

July 6th was my best friend, Ashley's 21st birthday. We went to Birmingham and celebrated her 21st with her. I am blessed to have met such an awesome girl whom has such wonderful goals she has set for her life. She has gotten a 2nd grade teaching job in Albertville, and I know she will be an effective teacher. I can't wait to hear all about it.

All the girls that went to celebrate Ashley's 21st

Ashley's birthday present from Rhett and I. A new dress to teach in.

Rhett and I at The Cheesecake Factory for Ash's birthday.

July 15th, weekend is the BIG Deer Expedition in Birmingham. My Dad looks forward to this every year. Dad and Mom had asked Rhett and I to join them along with my sister, Anna and her boyfriend, Nick to attend. I would have to say it's the biggest hunting, fishing, and manliest thing I have ever been too. I sucked it up and had the time of my life. Anna, Mom, and I enjoyed all the free samples of beef jerky, fudge, and jewelry cleaning that place had to offer. We ended our trip with a lovely dinner at Jim -N- Nick's .

July 22nd, weekend we went to the beach with the Johnson Family. We left Saturday after I got off work, but first we had to stop by Karlie's first birthday party to deliver her present to her.

Then we left from Centre to meet the Johnson's in town then headed to Auburn for the night. Rhett and I stayed with Heather and Jason. It was good to see them and spend that night with them. We left Sunday morning for Panama City Beach. We had a great time! It was a great trip to just relax and read a good book, and that is exactly what I did.
Daniel and his girls taking an afternoon nap down on the beach.

Rhett and I enjoying ourselves. 
Sweet Dannah Jo, I think the flash was a little to bright.

Mandy and I

Kisor and Dannah Jo

The guys, Daniel and Rhett

We have had a wonderful month of July. I look forward to what the month of August has in-store for Rhett and I.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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